NaijaStories Writing Contest – The Vote Chronicles



The Nigerian general elections are around the corner. The registration exercise has been completed, and the candidates from the various parties are crisscrossing the nation, campaigning for the votes of the Nigerian electorate. A lot of media attention is being given to the event, and this underscores how important the process of making a choice is, whether at a national level, or even in our individual lives.

In this vein, Naija Stories has launched a writing contest called “The Vote Chronicles”. The competition will be centred on the theme of people making – or not making – choices or casting votes, and the process through which they go about doing this. It is our belief that telling and broadcasting stories on this theme will promote a debate about the process itself, and how it is viewed specifically in Nigeria. We also hope it will raise awareness about the April elections, and encourage more people to go out and vote.

Contest Guidelines:

1. Register at and submit a 600 words story on votes, or making life choices, and how it can affect future outcomes.

Dates for Contest:

Submissions end on Friday, March 25th. The winner will be announced by April 18th 2011.

Prizes :

First place winner – $150, Second place winner – $100, and Third Place winner – $50.


  1. This is a good development for Nigeria, I really appreciate the organisers and I hope to see more of this kind of programmes, also I want to participate how do I go about it. Thank you


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