Multiple Churches In Lagos Shut Down Due To Noisy Worship


A total of 22 Churches have been shut down in Lagos due to what authories have described as noisy worship. This came after many residents complained about churches across the city being lunnecessarily loud.

One church – Jesus Our Lord Divine Catholic Prayer Ministry — had neighbors complaining that they were constantly disturbed by a congregation of mainly pregnant women, young mothers and their children.

The head of Lagos State Environment Protestion Agency commented about why these churches were being shut down.
“On my phone alone, I get 20 SMS [complaints] on a daily basis. In the next five years, if there is no stringent policy on the siting of religious houses, there will be problem.”

“With the enforcement today, we would have sealed about 55 premises because the last enforcement we carried out, we shut 33 premises,” Shabi told reporters.

“I gave approval for closure of 22 premises today, making 55.”

If you live in Lagos, or visited, you’re very aware of the noise level in the city. Between generators, horns, loud cars, music, and churches, the city is always noisy unnecessarily. 



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