More to the story than is told – Somali Pirates

Somali Pirate
Somali Pirate

There’s always a different perspective to every story. So depending on who’s telling the story one would probably get a biased story or an incomplete story. When the somali pirate issue became a US problem (it had been a problem for everyone else for a while), I remember thinking to myself  – These pirates just don’t wake up and start kidnapping people because they just feel like it. A series of events usually cause people to take drastic actions in search of money. Being Nigerian, when the kidnapping of oil workers started a couple of years ago, I knew exactly why it started. It wasn’t all about the money – it was deeper than that. The mainstream western media doesn’t cover the pollution of the environment caused by these big companies that either provoke such actions or give some kind of justification for them. They don’t cover big international companies dumping their toxic wastes on the shores of Africa. The mainstream media doesn’t cover the exploitation of these regions by big companies who in turn support corrupt regimes in africa. Let’s face it… It’s cheaper to do business with a corrupt unstable government than a government that is willing to stand up for its people. You deal with less protocol and only have to satisfy one person – The president or the military dictator.

I intended to keep this short so before I go off on a whole new tangent and start a novel, I’d like to say that I don’t support kidnapping or anything of that sort, but I do know that there is always more to the story than is told. The pirates/kidnappers are not always barbarians who have no regard for human life and just want to disturb the peace and prosperity of the world by hijacking innocent ships or kidnapping workers. I know that solving the issue is much more than using navy seal muscle to take out pirates at sea, and if the root problem is not diagnosed then all that killing will be in vain. Heck, the last killings have somehow inspired additional Somalis to take up piracy. Even Islamic jihadist have a cause – and no… it’s not cause they hate freedom as most people are led to believe. That’s a different story for another day. Anyways, here is a clip from Knaan (Somali born rapper) speaking on the issue of Somali pirates. Thoughts?



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