More Details On The Heartless Murder Of The Pregnant Silverbird TV Staff: Graphic Photo Of The Corpse


I promised in the last post to update once there’s More details concerning the death of Aishat Noble Mustapha a staff of STV. According to reports, an eyewitness, said the murder was committed by a neighbour, a married man she got pregnant for.

The married man who also resides in the same estate argued with her and threatened to harm her after she confessed that she will tell his wife about the pregnancy she had for him.

The man got angry after she said she will report to his wife and struggle ensued. Moments later, she ran out of the house with scars all over her body, and while running she fell into the gutter.

when she was found by neighbors , She was still breathing so she was rushed to a specialist hospital along Ogudu road then to the General Hospital in Gbagada, but no one would admit her without a police report, that was when she was taken to the police station. it was there she gave up the ghost.

The murder weapon, a bloodied knife, was reportedly seen but later got missing. The suspect is currently being detained at the Area ‘f’ police station in the estate.
See the graphic photo below


This is really sad..


  1. terrible n heart rendering news. wat police report? its against medical ethics. d family, mdcn and d police shud sue the hospitals dt rejected her 2 deter other hosps from doing such in future. d man has gone from frying pan 2 fire. so sorry 4 both fams


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