Money Slow to Enter, Money Quick to Go! The real reason You Are Broke again


Have you ever just wondered why money comes in slowly and leaves really fast? One minute you get paid, the next minute you really feel like “Hey! Where did all the money go?” It can be quite frustrating especially when this seems to happen over and over in your life You work so hard and life sends you so many bills and responsibilities that cannot all be taken care of with the pay you receive, you find yourself sacrificing on certain things that you think you deserve just so you can take care of your many needs. It is just so damn unfair that you cannot even continually hold on to money for long periods of time.


Why does this happen? From my brief study of people, myself inclusive, here are some truths that would really open your mind up to better understand your problem and maybe help you out of this rut you are in, that is if you are ready to get out. First I need to get you to understand a simple truth; Money never comes so it can stay, it comes to go. The reason you are broke again and again, not having money stay for longer than gratifying your immediate needs is because you have not determined your conversation and relationship with money. In fact you are not in control of this relationship. Simply put you lack the financial discipline that is required to make money stay and to make money go where to you send it. This is obviously a discipline that rich people have learned and mastered which is why when you see rich people you think to yourself, “Oh that man controls such and such amount of wealth.” Why can’t you control like that? Because you haven’t learned the discipline to control the little life has given you, and until you learn that, it is quite impossible for life to trust you with more money. Why do you think lottery winners or people who suddenly come into great amount of money by gift or win do not have it for very long? There is an inherent discipline, skill, language, conversation, understanding about the control of money that hasn’t been learned and mastered. It is important that you do not feel bad about yourself for not being disciplined with money right now and instead see this as an opportunity to learn how to become better disciplined with the money you have right now, so you can make better use of the wealth that is coming to you.

Or do you not believe that wealth is coming to you? Now is the time to change your beliefs about yourself and wealth. Know that you are inherently wealthy, all of life wants you to be wealthy. Believe this first. Life is only pushing you, testing you, bending you, bullying you into become better with money so that it can give you much more.

God, Life, The universe, The creator wants you to be wealthy, because in becoming wealthy you can do more for us. Because to him whom much is given, much is expected – Right?

Here are 3 quick reasons why money leaves your possession quickly and a few thoughts on how you can stop this cycle.

It does seem like money takes so long to come in but goes out really fast, because prior to money coming in, there are all these many things just piling up for you that you have to do with money. Do you notice? In the time that you have no money, everything seems to break down needing repairs, the bills pile on, your creditors come calling. It is like there is just one little demon some place furnishing out little frustrating things that require your attention financially. And so when the money does come, it all but goes out quickly to satisfy all of these things You really just want to get yourself to the point where you can control money.

No matter the amount, it is the same energy of abundance. Know this as fact. Whether it is N1000 or N5 Naira, it is the same energy. Understand that how you treat N10,000 is how you would treat N100,000 and until you can treat N10,000 better you cannot have the capacity to long keep N100,000. This is life baby. We do not send resources out to humans who just want to waste it. And if they do we would ensure they learn their lesson the hard way. Money is just a tool used for the exchange of value. See that in its simplest terms.

You give money out to take something from someone. People give money to you to take something from you. When you give money out, you must ask yourself, “Is this exchange good for me right now, in my present state, in my condition? Is this expense worth it? What kind of value am I getting for this exchange?”

Keyword value. There are two ways money goes out, depending on how you look at money

-Spending money

-Sending money to work

If you want your money to stay longer and multiply, you must begin to send money to work for you  and see it as that  a loyal servant, it is here to serve you. Ensure that you are getting the best labour off him like you would your employees. Ensure that whatever amount of money goes out of your wallet brings back more value to you. Money for value, goods and services that actually improve your health, expand your business, improve and increase you mentally, physically, spiritually.

1. Understand and expect that it is when you do not have money that your needs would increase, or so it may seem. The things you need to fix multiply, the things you absolutely must have multiply. The truth is you do not have to absolutely have anything more than you presently have. You must learn to focus on what you have and be grateful for that, finding more ways to use and maximise the things you presently have.

2. Your bills are going to pile up, I assure you. But when they do, you should only write them all out and consider and come up with new ways to make more money. There is a saying that goes “When person never chop, him talent must wake up.” When you think about it, this is so true. Allow your situation to drive you insane with creative ideas to exhaust your skills, your talents and abilities in exchange for money.

3. Do not borrow any money hoping to pay back when you have money. This is just you directly pulling the devil by his horns and expecting him to play ten-ten with you. Don’t do it, Don’t do it. The only time you should borrow money if at all you must, is if you..

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