Mikel Obi’s Father Rescued Unharmed


Chelsea footballer Mikel Obi can now breathe easily as his father that was kidnapped last week was released yesterday after a police raid in Kano.

“Obi was rescued and six suspects were arrested, five men and a woman,” Kano state police commissioner Ibrahim Idris told journalists, speaking of Michael Obi. “Obi is here with us as you can see.”

According to the commissioner of police, No ransom was paid, Idris said, and a suspect led police to the house where Obi was being held.

Obi described his August 12 kidnapping in the central city of Jos and said he had been beaten.

A van in military colour overtook him and blocked his way as he was driving home from work, he said. Two men in military uniform jumped out and asked him to follow them, according to Obi.

“They forcefully pushed me into the van and when I asked them where we were going to, they said I should wait and see,” he said.

“They wound up the window so nobody could hear me even if I had screamed. They beat me to pulp and only stopped when I became very weak.”

He said they sought a ransom of 10 million naira ($64,000/45,000 euros) and eventually drove him to Kano, hundreds of kilometres away from Jos.

Police did not comment on whether legitimate soldiers were involved. None of the arrested suspects were members of the military.

Source: VanguardNGR

Image Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk



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