M.I’s new song still carries the Chocolate City tag, what’s up with that?


Nigerian hip hop sensation M.I Abaga had in March 2020 announced his exit from Chocolate City records after a 13 year stint. M.I had served as CEO before leaving to float his own music label Incredible Music.

However, a recent development has put M.I’s exit from CCity in question as M I’s recently released banger TBDK still carries Chocolate city as M.I’s record label.

Could this be indicative of probable legal obligations M.I has towards Chocolate City? or just a mistake by apple music?

We know record contracts contain clauses, which parties of interest are bound by and are legally obliged to fulfill. Contracts could differ by content with some contracts requiring the artiste to produce a stipulated number of albums. It would not be out of place if this is the case with M.i. but would be unlikely, given M.I was the CEO for a number of years.

Whatever the technicality there is to this, we hope to hear from the rapper soon.



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