Lagos State Shuts Down 4 Strip Clubs & Arrests 33 Strippers


The Lagos State Government has shut four strip night clubs on Opebi/Allen area of Ikeja, Lagos, arresting 33 strip dancers in the process.

The ladies have however been released on bail according to Chairman, Task Force on Environmental and Spacial Offences Monitoring Unit, Mr Bayo Suleiman, whose office effected the raid and arrest. He said they have been charged to court.

Justifying his office’s action of arresting the ladies, Suleiman, a Superintendent of Police (SP) said the strip clubs were unregistered and unregulated. Aside that, he added that it constituted a social nuisance in the state, adding that the arrest was also necessitated following public outcry.

On whether it was the right of the Task Force to effect such arrest, he asked, “ who is supposed to carry out such action? Is it the regular police or any other government security agency? As our name implies, Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences, this is part of the special offences and it behoves on us to sanitise the state”, adding that hoodlums also use the clubs as haven for perpetrating their nefarious activities.

Officials of the task force, as gathered, visited the clubs which are all located on Allen Avenue, Ikeja disguising as fun seekers, last Friday. Next day, while the ladies were entertaining their patrons, the officials went into action, arresting a total of 33 of them in their nude, from the affected clubs.

Two managers were also arrested. The affected clubs include-Club Unique, formerly known as Number 10 Bar, Wall street , Cazzbah and Magic City, formerly known as Ocean Blue.

Meanwhile human rights lawyers and the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie have reacted to the action of the ladies and their arrest by the security operatives. They all described the action as public immorality.

According to Bamidele Aturu and Wahab Shitu, the ladies’ action parading nude in the clubs “constitute societal nuisance and public corruption.”

Mr Aturu, a lawyer and social crusader said, “under the criminal procedure laws, the police have an unfettered rights to arrest the ladies, if their actions and attitudes constituted public disturbance which can lead to public disorder and disaffection. If their dressing, action or inaction can lead to public crisis or translate into public immorality, the police can effect their arrest.

“However, they (the ladeis) also have rights to implement their fundamental human rights to fair hearing against any offences preferred against them by the authiority.”

“Corruption in Latin words means a breakdown of a system. If there is a breakdown in the system as a result of their action, they have committed an offence. So, by their action they are guilty of social corruption, since the law enforcement agents found out that their action constitutes a breakdown in the system, a break down of moral, social and societal values. Their action symbolizes the break down in the moral and societal values.”

The Archbishop in his view expressed grave concern about the night clubs activities in Lagos state. He stressed that young girls stripped themselves naked for men to watch or have sex with them on stage for a fee of between N15,000 and N20,000.

“Look at our youths today, our children, nudity is their style. There was a time the Lagos State Government closed one club down, now it has reopened with a new name.

“They are charging between N10,000 and N20,000 just because of nakedness. The ages of the ladies parading themselves there range from 18 to 25 years. And you have these stupid men who call themselves fathers of their families going there to sleep with them, destroying them the more.”

Source: Vanguard NGR


  1. Although as humans we all pertake in human rights and equal freedom but honestly i dont think nigeria is ready for such level of night life (strip clubs)…. we cant handle it yet. Lets westernize gradually not forcefully.

  2. As if strippers have anything to do with corruption in this country.

    Policemen should face their work and stop harrasing these people.

    Not to justify thier actions, but Nigeria has bigger problems.

  3. As much as I think it is not morally acceptable, and it is a thing of disgrace for us as Africans to constitute ourselves as sex slaves, but also let us see things from other perspectives and not only from that of religion and moral upbringing.

    What you think is a custom to you might as well be a taboo to others, or what you think is natural to you just might be supernatural to some others, and also vice versa.

    In my opinion, I think it is a misplaced priority for the police or any other Task Force to invade strip clubs. It is a violation of the fundamental human rights of those concerned, (they have the right to leasure, and a pursuit of happiness). The question we should ask ourselves is: How does their actions (strippers) constitute "public disturbance" or a breakdown of law and order? To my knowledge, those strip clubs are not operated in the open street (I stand to be corrected), it is even only those who can afford the luxury of coughing out N10,000 – N50,000 that can afford to even be represented in those closed-door heavily guarded clubs. And if those Task Force people are even sincere, what is the "public outcry" that they referred to.? Were those girls entertaining on the streets? Who among the 'outcryers' and the Task Force men have ever seen a public display of these strippers on the streets? I guess none, so why the blackmail?

    I think if the Task Force people doesn't have any work to do, they should go and pick brooms and start sweeping the main roads instead of wasting task payers money on actions that does not make any meaningful economic or social impact.

    Strip club is a form of entertainment, and those people who value such fun should not be deprived, as much as alcohol, cigarette are not crimes, so why this? or is Lagos now a Sharia state.

    A scientific proof I can give for this action is:

    1. The Task Force people are simply responding to the cry of housewives who are so afraid that their husbands frequent these clubs and out of jealousy simply wished those clubs dead.

    2. It may also be that they (Task Force) are religious fanatics who wants as much as possible to impose their own level of morals on everybody else – that is unfair!

    There are so many "agberos" in our bus stops, there are so many pick-pockets on Lagos streets, there are so many robberies and kidnapping going on, there are so many Bode Georges out there..

    Task Force – Where is your scale of preference? Fashola is a very responsible, God-fearing, business-minded, serious, hardworking Governor, I don't think harmless, unseen-in-public naked girls will be his worry now, don't paint the people's Governor in bad light. the recent arrest of indecently dressed women by police is still fresh in our minds.

    "- Fashola no send una"

  4. To close down strip club, is that the most important thing we want in nigeria?? Na big nonsense! if our country good, we there be any strips club? abeg make una open the club back… coz we dey feel Am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. "And you have these stupid men who call themselves fathers of their families going there to sleep with them, destroying them the more.”

    The Arch Bishop couldn't have put it better…


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