Kenya Student Massacre: Why Can’t We All Really Just Get Along?


This is a vent, rant, and letting it out post.

By mid week this past week, the Nigerian presidential elections were concluded and announced, and for the most part it was happy times in Nigeria, and Kenya on the whole. Even those on the losing side were left optimistic after there was no violence, thanks to Goodluck Jonathan’s noble act of conceding defeat early to avoid any tension.

Wake up on Thursday, and news hits of an attack at Garissa University College in Kenya. At first, the desensitized me (years and years of Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria makes one desensitized… sadly) thought “wow! that’s messed up”, and I carried on doing what I was planning on doing.

But then hours later, the news hit again, “147 total killed”. Most of them students from the university, and then I saw the pictures, then the videos of parents and relatives wailing, and crying with nothing but pure undiluted pain on their faces. And as details of the how they were killed started to surface (Asked to recite a verse from a Quran and killed if they didn’t know), I broke down, and tears rolled down my eyes. This is just too much, and doesn’t seem to have an end.



How can someone have that much hate in their heart? How much hate can make 6 people kill 147 people one by one in a systematic manner? What is in their brain that make them think this is ok? What did those poor 147 people do to deserve this? Don’t these terrorist have hearts to see students crying and pleading before their death? How can you see 100 people dead and still want to kill more? Our people are not supposed to die like this without any justification. And the worst part is that even these 6 are jailed or executed, you know there are thousands more waiting to take their place and do even worse. I mean it’s at a point as a Nigerian, an African and a world citizen, I have a fear that my chances of dying in a terror attack is higher than anything else.

There are dozens of questions we ask when such atrocious acts happen, but for me, I always ask the same question; Why Can’t We All Really Just Get Along? Is Religion that serious of a tool that it’s costing us so many lives?

It doesn’t have to be like this. Burying kids.


  1. Just read yourself: OUR PEOPLE are not supposed to die like this without any justification.
    Your people? For others is okay, then?

    Anyone would say PEOPLE are not supposed to die like this, but just ONE word: OUR it’s all you need to differentiate you and your people from others. And from that point, killing OTHERS (they are not OUR people) start to make sense. That’s how hate works.

    Sad to say, you are in the same mental place as those freaks who killed the students.

  2. whether u lik it or not,both christians nd muslims ar participators in dis terrorism,why?b’cos its nothing but religious politics played by ur CAN.I dare any one who blame d act on qur’an to bring full verse,no of chapter nd reasons for d revelation of the verse in which qur’an justifies terrorism,I DARE YOU ALL!


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