Kanye West’s Yeezy shirt Brand releases DMX tribute sweat shirt

DMX tribute shirt
DMX tribute shirt

American rapper and business/music mogul, Kanye West, has commissioned luxury line, Balenciaga, to produce a t-shirt in honor of rapper DMX’s tragic passing.

The shirt made available on Saturday (April 24) spots a long-sleeve and features a printed-on image of DMX flanked by two crosses. R.I.P. is inscribed above the head while his birth and death dates are shown on the sleeve. The back spots the phrase “In Loving Memory” at the bottom. The shirt which comes in only black and can be purchased for $200 at dmx-tribute.com. The net proceeds will go to DMX’s family, according to the site.

DMX tribute shirt

DMX died on April 9 as a result of cardiac arrest due to an alleged drug overdose on April 2 that left him on life support. Following his death, his music streams increased massively, by 900% at one point. He reportedly finished his final album before he passed. The project will feature the likes of Pop Smoke and members of Griselda. It is unclear when the album will be released.

The rapper was slated for interment on the 25th of April in a private ceremony at an undisclosed location.


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