Jos On Fire Again As Clashes Reignite


A passenger luxury bus conveying about 50 passengers from Lagos to Yola was this morning (Saturday) attacked by irate youth in Jos. The bus was attacked along Bauchi road, a Muslim dominated area of the city, when it stopped to allow some passengers disembark. Apparently this was in retaliation of an attack on 6 muslims in Mangu LG the night before.

The bus was looted and torched by youth suspected to be Muslims. This led to confusion as passengers and passers-bye scampered for safety. The incident led to renewed tension in the city. However, the Special Task Force (STF) later moved in to restore order and rescue some of the stranded passengers. The attack on the bus is suspected to be a reprisal attack following a report that six Muslims were killed in Mangu local government area of the state while returning from a wedding party on Friday night.

A passenger who identified himself as Baraba Patinah who was rescued by the STF said he would have been lynched if the taskforce had not arrived at the scene on time. He said he escaped into a house and a lady there called the attention of the mob to him and pointed out to them where he was hiding.

There are also concerns as to why the security forces in the city had dwindled in the past few days as numerous check points were empty and soldiers were reported few and far in between.

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