Introducing Bargain Hunter Nigeria! The One Stop Place For All Your Shopping Online



Ever needed to get some shopping done without having to haggle about the price then wait for days till it is delivered to you from another town? Welcome to an easier world of shopping and bargains.

How does it work?

Most e-commerce sites ask you for (an unreal) percentage to get your product uploaded on their site and in most cases you could have your products and services online for months with no one buying what you are selling.

Bargain Hunter is quite different:

  • Free to become a merchant
  • Free online publicity for your product
  • You choose your prices
  • You choose your quantity (unlimited quantity and duration)
  • Bargain Hunter chooses a reasonable commission after bargaining with the merchant for the best deal

For Customers/shoppers

  • Great bargains
  • Free delivery
  • No extra charges
  • Easy site to navigate
  • You can also become a merchant


At the moment, Bargain Hunter caters to Abuja alone. The next phase will see Bargain Hunter in Port Harcourt and Calabar….

Are you ready to shop?

Are you ready to expand your business at no cost?

To become a merchant – Email:

To shop – Visit:



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