Inmates Stage Riot At Kirikiri Prison In Lagos


Reports reaching us are that the inmates at Kirikiri prison in lagos started a riot yesterday, and some have allegedly escaped after the fracas.

A report from The Sun News stated that the riot was contained relatively quickly but the vicinity was heavily surrounded by heavily armed security officers including Prison guards, the army, navy, and police personnel. All entry and exit were stopped at the time.

Civilians and vehicles were not allowed access into the premises except those who have proof that they are resident in the barracks. Meanwhile every other vehicle that were exiting the barracks where thoroughly searched.

Shop owners and passerby who were forced to seek for alternative routes told Saturday Sun that they learnt that there was a jail break.

The incident that led to the riot and jail break is not certain but inmates who spoke to reporters said that they were fed up with the new Deputy Controller at the prison who had removed some privileges given to them previously. These included the use of generators, mobile phones, and the ability to cook their own food.

image source: VanguardNGR


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