I’m following Burna Boy, Genevieve, Bangalee and they are not following me back – Don Jazzy


In a video post on Instagram, Don Jazzy talking about the need to back our own indigenous celebrities up, made an assertion of a lack of patriotism on the part of fans not following local celebrities on social media.

Don Jazzy in a video post on social media decried the level of support Nigerian celebrities get from fans who would rather support foreign celebrities, He said:

“Some will be like I don’t follow Nigerian celebrities with pride sef. This following of a thing no be say we Dey pay for am o. I just feel like we can support more. Buy Nigeria grow the naira. With the numbers we have we can be having some interesting conversations globally if we get all the support we can get”.

see the video:

This comes after a fan who felt concerned about Nigerian celebrities not following back on social media had asked the Don why she should keep following them. Don Jazzy informed her he follows, Burna Boy, Genevieve and Bangalee despite none of them returning the favor. He stated it was just his way to show support and he was proud of all their accomplishments. 

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