I have made 100 million naira pre-album release – Mr P says to angry fan


Member of defunct boy band P-square, Mr P, has had his fair share of being put on the spot in recent times but a tough, thick-skinned fellow he has proved to be. With heart-broken P-square fans never passing up any opportunity to call Mr P out about the split of the group, but, with each call out Mr P has had a good rebuttal ready at hand.

Recently the singer announced his debut solo album, Prodigal slated for release come April 1st, along with a virtual concert which saw the singer sell over 100,000 tickets.

After a die-hard fan made it known he wouldnt stream anything from the singer, Mr P promptly let him know he had made a 100 mill of ticket sales ahead of the album release already.

He shared the screenshot on his instagram with the caption:

“Let me say it again! This individuals are not haters they are just P2 heart broken fans and i understand. Only PALOMA and JUST LIKE THAT dem don dey shake Dey shiver!
I will still wish dem well this weekend! Sha?? I have forgiven them!?? it’s over 4yrs now! pls you people should move on. No come get High BP for person matter.?????
I have an Album and a virtual concert coming up in 3days time! I can not be distracted! Just say a simple CONGRATULATIONS to me! It will not kill you”.


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