From One of The Happiest To 20th Saddest Nation! Forbes Ranks Nigeria As 20th Saddest Country In The World


Wasn’t it not long ago that Nigeria was ranked as one of the happiest nations on earth? How quick things can change in a few years. Looking back at 2012 it’s easy to see how this is very possible.

Then again despite all these issues, one wouldn’t think of Nigeria as such a sad place, but maybe we’re biased in our view.

According the Forbes ranking of the world’s happiest and saddest countries, Nigeria is ranked at the 20th position in the saddest countries. Immediately above Nigeria is Mozambique at 18th, and Sudan at 18th. Ranked 1st on the list is the Central African Republic followed closely by the Republic of Congo and Afghanistan.

How about the happiest? Norway ranks the happiest with Denmark (2nd) and Sweden (3rd) closely behind. Canada ranks at 6th, The US at 12th and UK 13th.

Full list:

1. Central African Republic
2. Republic of Congo
3. Afghanistan
4. Chad
5. Haiti
6. Burundi
7. Togo
8. Zimbabwe
9. Yemen
10. Ethopia
11. Pakistan
12. Iraq
13. Liberia,
14. Angola
15. Sierra Leone
16. Guinea
17. Ivory Coast
18. Sudan
19. Mozambique
20. Nigeria

So really? Are we that sad in Nigeria?



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