Folks Are Not Happy Over Buhari & Lara Oshiomole’s Handshake

buhari and lara oshiomole shaking hands

If it’s a crazy discussion, it has to be Nigerian, and this one ranks up there as one of the more weirder things that’s concerning Nigerians yesterday on twitter. Buhari and newly wed Lara Oshiomole’s handshake has caused a big stir on twitter, and has some folks questioning the act by the President-Elect.

The photo shown below of president-elect Muhammadu Buhari shaking hands with Lara Oshiomhole is what is causing all the discussion.

buhari and lara oshiomole shaking hands

A number of people have come out to say that the handshake was inappropriate according to Islam. Others though, don’t see anything wrong in it.

Here’s what some folks were saying on twitter:


And the tweets that made the most sense are

Finally, we really have bigger fish to fry as country than whether or not, Buhari shook a woman’s hand or not. As the president of a country like Nigeria he’s going to shake hands with women a lot. Would he have to apologize everything he does it?

And one has to wonder why this is coming up now, as there are tons of pictures of him shaking hands with women over the past few months. Why just now?





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