Enisa brother zones Davido, debunks speculations of them dating


Enisa Nikaj, an American pop singer has debunked and laid all speculations of a romantic involvement with Davido to sleep.

Enisa who featured O.B.O on the remix of her hit single ‘Love cycle’, was seen in a video touching up her pidgin english speaking skills with Davido. Afterwards, she posted a photo with the caption ‘How you dey? Tule’ on her twitter.

Tule is a yoruba phrase that loosely translates to ‘come on!‘. It became popular after Davido posted a video yelling the phrase after his last year’s altercation with Burna Boy in Ghana.

This led to speculation of some romance or an ‘entanglement’ if you would and a twitter user had this to say:

to which she promptly dispelled in a reply:

see what other fans had to say:

But on the whole, Enisa or Eniola as christened by her Naija fan base seems to be very well loved by Nigerians, we hope this honeymoon lasts tho, she should enjoy it while it does. lol.


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