EFCC Issues Arrest Warrant For Former US Vice-President, Dick Cheney


Nigerian officials said Thursday they will charge former US vice president Dick Cheney over a massive bribery scandal related to his time at the helm of oil services giant Halliburton.

Halliburton unit KBR pleaded guilty last year in the US to bribing Nigerian officials to the tune of 180 million dollars in return for six billion dollars worth of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) contracts in the oil hub Bonny Island.

Halliburton denied involvement in the offences dating back to 1995-2005, but a top company official and other staff were summoned by Nigeria’s anti-graft agency following raids last week on company offices in Lagos.

Prosecutor Godwin Obla said joint charges would be filed by Tuesday at a high court in the capital Abuja against Cheney, the former and current leadership of Halliburton, and the consortium they partnered with.

“As the CEO of Halliburton, he has the responsibility for acts that occurred during that period,” Obla told AFP, adding that Cheney would face conspiracy charges and an arrest warrent from Interpol would be sought.

A spokesman from the anti-graft agency, Femi Babafemi, confirmed the imminent charges, which follow an investigation into the construction of the LNG plant in southern Nigeria.

Cheney’s lawyer in the United States, Terrence O’Donnell, dismissed the allegations and issued a statement saying: “Any suggestion of misconduct on his part, made now, years later, is entirely baseless.

“The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated that joint venture extensively and found no suggestion of any impropriety by Dick Cheney in his role of CEO of Halliburton,” it said.

Cheney, 69, one of most powerful and controversial US vice presidents, who was a driving force behind Bush’s “war on terror,” has a long history of heart trouble and was last operated on in August.

Source: Yahoo News


  1. Did anybody else notice the foolishness of the deal? They paid only $180million for $6billion worth of contracts?

    Who arranged that deal? Why didn't they just trade the oil for gunpowder and mirrors? Did we not learn anything from the slave trade? ASK FOR MORE MONEY.

    By the way, did they do anything to the Nigerian officials who collected the money or are they the ones now running the prosecution against Halliburton? Cos you know thats how naija works.

  2. Hypocrites!!! Babanginda wants to contest for president. What don't you arrest him? You want to arrest Dick Cheney? Did they even think about this very well. We really need some smart people in government. Is it's fault that to be able to invest in the company he had to bribe people. The same people shouting are the same ones that got the bribe in the first place. I do not like DICK CHENEY and his party, but this is just plain stupid. How about we get more enemies on this stupid witch hunt.


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