Educate NIGERIA! Promote Our Nation!


For every Nigerian child who can’t go to school, who can’t buy books, who has to travel for miles to the only school they can afford to go to, who has to drop out and put their dreams on hold, know you are important too.

Education is important for sustainable development and for eradicating poverty and hunger in rural areas. IAMME is a project striving to promote life and education in Nigeria. It is an organization that hopes to bring privileged Nigerian youths together to promote the future of our not so privileged children and the future of our nation.

The IAMME project was created in August of 2009, and the project officially took flight in January 2010. So far 98 books have been collected with the intention of donating to students in Nigeria.

Our inventory will only increase tremendously as the campaign to create awareness continues. The campaign called “Faces… A photograph for Education” will feature youths in thousands of photographs.

Future projects include scholarships, and establishing libraries to promote a reading culture.

Founded by Ada Emihe and Nkem Emihe in New York City.

Nigeria does not need more aid. What we need is proper education, and to provide opportunities for our youths and leaders of tomorrow.

IAMME is running a creative campaign. Shots were taken by Avaloni studios


Avaloni Studios FB page:

Join this movement and participate in our first event, which is the annual book drive.

Visit IAMME facebook page , or Website, To find out how you can get involved.



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