Ebola In Nigeria: Health Confirms Death In Port Harcourt and 2 Additional Cases


It’s proving that it was a bit premature for the Nigerian health minister, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, to say that the Ebola virus contained, as he himself has just confirmed 1 death in Port Harcourt, and 2 additional cases in the city.

In a statement to the press in Abuja today he said “Following the report of his death by the doctor’s widow the next day, the case had been thoroughly investigated and laboratory analysis showed that this doctor died from EVD (Ebola Virus Disease”

The victim in this case is said to be a doctor, who secretly treated a diplomat who had come in contact with Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, who was the first person to bring the virus to Nigeria.

According to a report from Sahara Reporters

The doctor, who has yet to be named, died on Friday. His wife has also taken ill and has been quarantined in Port Harcourt. Interestingly, the diplomat the doctor treated is still alive.

As a result of this, 70 people have been quarantined. The doctor’s hospital, Good Heart Hospital in Rivers State, has been shut down. The unnamed hotel, where the secret treatment took place, has also been shut down.

This is getting worrisome now, as it’s proving that the disease has spread outside of Lagos, and there’s no telling where else.

As always please stay safe, and remember to check out our tips on how to protect yourself from this deadly virus.



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