Duncan Mighty shares wife’s confession on plan to kill him


Port Harcourt first son, Duncan Mighty has released an audio recording of his wife Vivian confessing to visiting a spiritualist because of dreams she had been having.

In the audio clip the singer’s wife reveals she had been having dreams of Duncan mighty cheating on her and subsequently sought the help of a spiritualist.

In December 2020, Duncan Mighty took had revealed on his Instagram page how his wife had confessed to him about a plan hatched by her and her family to kill him by diabolic means and take over his property.

According to him, she revealed the plot back in March 2020, after he showed her the documents of a property intended for her family.

The singer said this in another post:

“I refuse to make this public simply because when it comes to social media the woman must be righteous and will become even more famous cuz no man has ever been right here and i was thinking she was manipulated not until the worst happened 3days ago am waiting for their response cuz since 3days now the same people threatening how they’ll end my carrier by granting false information to the media has all refused to pick up their phones.”

This he said while showing the phone numbers of his wife’s family members.

Recall that sometime in December 2020, Duncan Mighty called out Vivian, accusing her of cheating on him and letting him father a child that doesn’t belong to him.

Duncan alleged that his wife had slept with two men as part of the ritual to kill him. He stated that the cheating had led to the birth of Mitchell who according to DNA tests isn’t his child.

Listen to the recent clip, confessions Part 1, which serves as motive behind the alleged plot.

Listen to it:



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