Dora Akunyili Under Fire for Stand Against Cabal & Yar Adua


Some members of the cabinet urged the Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to caution the Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili, against what they called persistent inflammatory remarks.

In an interview a couple of days ago, Dora went on the record by stating that the Cabal should tell the truth about the health condition of Yar’Adua and “stop lying to the public.” She also made it known that neither herself nor the Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan had seen the President since his return last week. In her words: “No one has seen the president since his arrival, not even the acting president, or any cabinet member….I am the minister of information but if you ask me, I have no information about this matter.”

Two days ago, Members of the House of Representatives from the 19 northern states, under the aegis of the “Northern Members Caucus,” asked the information and communication minister, Dora Akunyili to resign if she was no longer comfortable serving in the government.

“The caucus expresses grave concern over the recent statements credited to the Information minister suggesting systemic undermining of the functioning of the Acting President, regardless of its security implications.

The correct option in the circumstances of her total objection to decision of the Council is to resign,” the caucus added.

In addition, several government officials have come out against the information minister and calling for her resignation in what seems to be a very bizarre stand as most Nigerians feel like Mrs. Akunyili is simply speaking the truth and not conforming to the secrecy that has surrounded the Yar’Adua disappearance fiasco.

Prof. Akunyili is currently in New York, USA as part of Nigeria’s delegation to the 54th Session of the United Nations Special Commission on the Status of Women, popularly known as Beijing Plus 15 currently going on at the UN Headquarters.

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  1. nigerias do not like the truth, because all the politicians like darkness than to light, but one thing they do forget is darkness can not overcome the light ,never, because GOD IS LIGHT, but the nigeria leaders do not like to walk in the light but they like darkness,the northers should always remember that , no one owns that country, as long as you are a nigerian, wither you are Hausa ,Yoruba,Ibo, we all have equal wright in that country, but regretably, the south had sell their birth wright, because of money.You can have as many money that your hands can grap, all illegotten wealth, will get perish one day, and when you do die, nothing that you can take away with you, you should learn what happen to the foolish rich man,having a lot, and forgot one thing, he fogot his creator and bosted that he will be enjoying his life for ever because the bam he haswas full , that night the ALMIGHTY . took away his life, things like this is awaiting many of you who plan evil in nigeria , you shall be eaten up by a jackal very soon and swallow up at the end of your journey.
    But if you repent ,GOD in his mercy will forgive you, But Ibori you can run as fast as you can but you will never has a rest of mind, you had finished nigeria completely, with the hugue of money you has stollen, the coure of GOD is on you, goodbye.


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