Dope Sh!t! Fashion Designer Poops Out 44 Wraps Of Cocaine


This is taking dope ish to another level for real. 

Okechukwu Kingsley Ajaero, a man who identifies as a fashion designer, was arrested at Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos by the NDLEA after he pooped out 44 wraps of cocaine. Yes you read that right. 

Ajaero, who told the NDLEA officials that he is a fashion designer, was caught after inward security screening of passengers on a Qatar Airlines flight, detected drugs on him. He has already excreted 30 of the 44 wraps in the aircraft. 

NDLEA Airport commander Hamza Umar said the suspect was coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil with the cocaine.

Speaking on his arrest, Ajaero said via Nation:

I’m a fashion designer by profession. I went to Brazil two years ago in search of better working conditions. This is my first time of trafficking in drugs and I got involved through friends.

I was expecting 30,000 Euros as my profit. My business partner was to collect the drug from me while on transit in Qatar but he failed to show-up. I was compelled to come to Nigeria with the drugs but I excreted 30 on board the aircraft.

Brazil and other countries in South America are huge sources of cocaine and other narcotics. It is also reported that there are many Nigerians imprisoned in Brazil for drug related offenses. 

Ahmadu Giade, NDLEA Chairman/Chief Executive said, “Brazil is a source country for cocaine and we shall continue to beam our searchlight on this route. Those who seek to enrich themselves through drug trafficking shall be arrested and prosecuted” 


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