Diary of a Yankee Babe doing NYSC (Part 2)


Weeks 2-4
Nothing big really happened during these weeks, I just did a lot of resting and hanging out and checking a few sights in Abuja. From there I went to visit some family friends in Kaduna for a week. Thanks to the time I had doing nothing, I made some more observations. For example, my aunty and uncle were flabbergasted that I knew how to cook or do chores simply because I was from the US. My cousin, after the first week told me she thought I would be spoiled rotten and wouldn’t know how to do anything. There is this belief that we just sit back over here and have things done for us. And while it’s true that I don’t do much cooking and cleaning, it’s not for lack of knowledge of doing them, it is for lack of desire and having someone else to do it. They also didn’t expect me to be able to speak the language and it is so bad that every time I say something or do something, my uncle calls my mom to tell her she did a good job, which gets quite embarrassing.
I have heard from so many people both in the U.S. and in Nigeria that I am going home to find a husband. At first it was funny but now it is just annoying. First off anyone who knows me knows I cannot marry a Nigerian man in Nigeria because I don’t even believe they are progressively thinking enough to be able to build a life with me the way I know how – no offense. There is also the fact that I already have a man in the US (who is also scared that I will meet someone while here and leave him) and even if all that was not enough, I know I am only here for a year so why would I start something that I know I would have to leave in a year, not happening! Also I am not even thinking about marriage right now, with all the stuff on my plate, that’s the last thing on my mind!
However, something that I didn’t factor in and is causing a bit of issue for me is the problem of culture and the changes that have come over me from being in the US for so long. Trying to remember and acculturate back to what is acceptable behavior from a “respectable” naija girl! Things including the proper way to greet (should I kneel as is acceptable or hug as I am used to), the proper way to address people (aunty and uncle or by name since they are relatively close to my age), the proper way to dress (evidently – especially in the north – some dresses or shorts make you look like a loose girl, things I would normally wear without a second thought in the US). After stressing about it for a while, I have just concluded that I will be who I am generally (who isn’t half bad) and whoever has a problem with that can deal with it on their own! So far so good but I am sure I will still have to face the issue sometime in the future! Ah well, till then…
Week 5
Been here over a month and I am able to drive and I know a few places now. My ability to drive depends on concluding that everyone else on the road is an idiot who doesn’t know what they are doing and factoring that into my driving (this is defensive driving at its best). Went to the NYSC office to pick up my call up letter and I got posted to Abuja. But they said that Abuja camps are full so I will be going to camp in Kaduna. We were informed of this when we went to pick up our letters, with no former allusion to this happening. But we don’t have a choice about it, we all have to pack our stuff and go to Kaduna whether you know the place or not! The journey is starting and I am excited and nervous about it. Camp starts on the 25th! Will try to update in about it in a week, but it depends on how internet capable I am, might not update until after camp is over in 3 weeks, but definitely look forward to the adventures of the Yankee copper trying to figure out Nigeria anew. Here’s to surviving Kaduna~

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  1. "Anyone who knows you knows you cannot marry a Nigerian man in Nigeria because you don’t even believe they are progressively thinking enough to be able to build a life with me the way I know how"

    Eziokwu? Its apparent you are progressively detoriating to grow out of your shallow thinking of grouping a bunch of people together with any basis!

    Biko keep this nonsense updates and attention-seeking antics away from this blog. JAGUDA management please take note, no chauvinism up in this bitch!!! Cut this crap off!

    • Why are you calling this girl out … She is just making her point. If she want marry monkey let her marry one besides Nigerian men in Naija are a little different.

      • Everyone is a little different in their own way but you don't claim to be well-rounded with this type of thinking. It's ok not to want Nigerian men in Nigeria but you don't call them less progressive thinkers!

        • I agree!!! If her perception of how 'progressive' they can think is based on what she knows and has experienced do far, of her life in the US, she neds to remember, 9ja does not allow for too much progressive thinking. I mean, how do you think 'progressively' when mosquitos sing in your ear when PHCN strikes?

    • Wow, it's called a Diary. Remember that next time! By the way, drop the rudeness, as well as ur ego. This story is not about you. Just as she has the right to type, you have the right to click away…and comment but loose the emotions when u do so.

      I could almost see ur veins through ur text…you see, na the reason why she dey hesitant…she no want marry ppl like you.

      • Marry people like me? She can stick with her jelly-livered boyfriend who's pissing his pants coz she's going to Nigeria, they deserve each other! It's far from rudeness & ego but I just responded in the same language she used.

  2. I totally feel you on the part about ppl being shocked that you can cook and clean because you live abroad, or that you can speak ur language. It's happening to moi..can be rly quite annoying. Goodluck with camp

  3. "…cannot marry a Nigerian man in Nigeria because I don’t even believe they are progressively thinking enough to be able to build a life with me the way I know how"— yea i dnt even have words for this statement…

  4. I was with you until this "I cannot marry a Nigerian man in Nigeria because I don’t even believe they are progressively thinking enough to be able to build a life with me the way I know how"… Yeah.. not sure i'm buying that.

    Besides that I feel u on some stuff… There is indeed a culture shock… Not as much as u make it out to be, but then again, it's worse for girls than it is for guys.

    • Bros forget this culture shock bullshit! No be pesin dey do am? Na she be the 1st pesin wey come from yankee come do service? Abeg make una no fan this bubble gum ego! Na to begin run becoz she fit speak the language & do chores?

  5. Everyone is entitled to their opinions which, are personal and need not be defended.

    Be that as it is, everyone is bound by an unspoken ethics of social ettiquette which is communicated by way of our public expressions.

  6. well this is getting interesting….Plz Dnt attack her view on 9ja men.. It is a diary and shouldnt be edited for those wey no sabi hw a diary is written….all d best in KD!

  7. I must say your blog is quite INTERESTING – it makes me wonder how much maturity you lack.

    I returned from the UK a few weeks before my NYSC service year and although I had ALLOT of objections to the way certain things were done, I never failed to UNDERSTAND why. I think you really need to work on your reasoning and grow up a little. Before running to a conclusion and writing people off, try to ask 'WHY IS IT DONE LIKE THIS HERE?'. Don't just compare the US to Nigeria (dressing, food, men, driving etc) cos there are very many different factors that influence occurrences in both countries. The thought of many things you've written here makes me feel sooo irritated, I better get off this page now.

    I wish I could speak to you one on one!

  8. The girl made a comment and that is her opinion. It was a bit offensive but that does not mean you all have to call her out and abuse her. It is just proving exactly what she said because you all are acting immature aka not thinking progressively. I agree with what Olayinka said.

    • Poverty of the mind is an affliction of the gods!!! We are all acting immature becoz we gave her a taste of her own medicine, abi? I don't know whether you are a man, woman or both but whatever you are, your sanity is under serious scrutiny here!

  9. "First off anyone who knows me knows I cannot marry a Nigerian man in Nigeria because I don’t even believe they are progressively thinking enough to be able to build a life with me the way I know how "

    While it's your opinion, this statement conveys an air of pride – as if to say Yankee men are better than razz know-nothing 9ja men, or I'm above 9ja men from Nigeria b/c they ALL fit into one mold and that mold is not progressive. Colonial Mentality…*smh* While there is some truth to your statement, you mean to tell me that you really haven't seen/met the breed of 9ja guys that will treat you better than the Yankee 9ja men and lame N'akata men (nigerian-americans as they call themselves…i say N'akata)… Stay dyeh and continue to think like that…9ja men will fly you to Dubai, take you on shopping sprees in a hot minute, be promoted at work for their entrepreneurial acumen, travel the world and attend conferences….Expand you mind oh and don't paint all 9ja men with one ignorant broad stroke.

    • MEHN I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!! she just needs to experience more naija men that the few she knows..i'm also a nigerian living in America but i definitely know that nigerian men would spoil you rotten! in yankee everything is 50-50, husband and wife share the electricity bills, tuition etc equally but naija men take full responsibility..u need to expand your horizon sweetie

  10. "I cannot marry a Nigerian man in Nigeria because I don’t even believe they are progressively thinking enough to be able to build a life with me the way I know how – no offense" thank u sista! yh i do kinda see hw sum of d men ave little or no progressive thinking but dats jst a few of them! but i totally agree with u… i have met quite a few of naija guys and let me just nt say anyfin b4 una chop me. idk y people are shocked dat naija gals abroad cant do house chores or speak our native language..kmt! prejudice. anyhoo i wish u all da best

  11. it is a pity u have lost your identity

    The tone of your language is very irritating.Now you bliv u r enlightened and better because you traveled to the US and your personality fizzled and disappeared into oblivion.now you are part of the lost tribe looking lowly upon your own pple.you have forgotten that every land has its roots,history which forms the basis for their actions,tradition and culture.you are product of imperialism and modern slavery i.e mind slavery.the Americans sold you their culture now you abandon yours(to you know its a piece of shit).you forget to mention how you r second class citizen because of your race.you r product of American propaganda .so sad they got you in their kitty.

    so ironic that many of my American friends who traveled to Naija never want to come back even they eventually come back they say good things .

    wish you all the best

    • bros gbenga haba.she would never come back to serve if she truly looked down on her people. she wasnt deported bros…………..came on her freewill. give her a break

  12. Wow its rly nice to see people respond like this. Thanks for all the comments and opinions. But like u r entitled to ur opinions on how 'americanized' or 'immature' I sound, I am entitled to mine about how unprogressively thinking MOST (not all- excuse the generalization) naija men are. And whether you want to accept it or not, it is true to some extent. Now of course there are the more open minded ones but most of them are still living in the thought process of my wife is there to obey me and I am the big strong man who she always has to follow in his shadow (and even if it is not right out in the open, it is there deep down).I def don't look down on naija men in naija, its from being friends with a good amount of them that I have observed this. Again like some people stated, it is a diary. You don't have to agree with everything in it. I am just saying it the way I see it. I do resent being called spoilt, immature or americanized, with none of my culture left in me but defending myself will only probably make u see that I am spoilt n feel d need to depend it. Overall thanks for reading, keep reading and part 3 coming soon. Still in camp in KD n just finally got access to limited internet! Will post as soon as I get down n settle a bit!

    • Americanized what??? The very few Americans that have this mindset you've just showed here are those college drop-outs that have no idea of anything. They just see things without understanding them….lack of knowledge and wisdom. Nevermind, with time you will surely learn. At least judging from this your recent comment you've learnt not to generalise and you've also told us your judgement was based on your observation of your male friends. With time your senses will definitely fall into place. Goodluck!

  13. Oh my God. I cannot BELIEVE how so many of you are on this girl's case. WTF!

    Personally, I agree wholeheartedly with her. I CANNOT marry a Nigerian man living in Nigeria either. If you don't like my opinion you can eat rocks. She is allowed to have an opinion that differs from others, damn! Personally, I understand why she would believe Nigerian men in Nigeria are not progressive and I don't see how those of you insulting her are proving her opinion wrong. Isn't that exactly what she is talking about? So many of you are so quick to attack when someone has a different opinion–is that progressive? Abeg.

    Dear writer, although I cannot understand WHY you would leave here to go and deal with so much of the bullsh*t that goes on in Nigeria, I hope everything goes well for you.

    • good points generally. but she has an opinion and freedom to serve her fatherland, which she has exercised. you cannot fathom why she would do it cos you're not wired that way. everyone is different. all na experience

  14. We all live in a box. This box can be anything from civilized to village to whatever dimension it is found. You have lived in this your own box and are entitled to your own opinions. Personally, i would not marry a Nijja lady living in Nijja for my own reasons. Suit yourself people. The world is big enough

  15. SOOOO! I am super thrilled i ran upon this blog. I graduate in May 2011 and is CONSIDERING possibly doing my NYSC, and my parents are of differing opinions about it. Very interesting to see how your blog will progress and factor into my decision making process.

  16. LOL!!You’re causing quiet a stir dear.Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I finished service in February this year. Camp was a horrific experience. I hated every moment of it. I’ve lived all my life in Nigeria but I still feel that I don’t belong cos some of my ideas seem alien to a lot of people and many refer to me as an ‘aje-butter’. You’re a like mind..it would have been a blast to meet you.

  17. Wow! iCoulda sworn she wrote more than thise three lines, yet those were all most ppl saw.
    T.L. whyl u may not marry a 9ja man livin in 9ja, iAm sure u have met quite a number who hav wowed u with their “progressive thinkin”.
    Whatever. Writing ain’t easy. Well done


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