More Details On University Of Jos Student Protests + Video Of Protest


We received this from a University of Jos student, Bella Alubo, earlier today giving some insight as to the protests that are happening right now, and the reasons why. Also some of the damages that have been done to school property.

It was announced recently that University of Jos school fees would be increased from N24,700 to N50,000, starting from the next academic session. The University’s 2nd semester examinations which was meant to begin today 24th November has been suspended due to protests and riots. The protest which (and was meant to be a peaceful protest) began yesterday, escalated into a riot, with students chanting “we are rascals, VC is a bastard”, “V.C haram”, holding placards, sticks and branches expressing their disapproval.

Reports say that the Student Union Government bus was vandalised because the SUG president related the VC’s message to the protesters saying that ‘he has no time to meet and discuss with a bunch of rascals’. Electrical fittings in the permanent site were also vandalised by students.

Police and soldiers eventually came to the school, blocked and locked all the gates, and no one was allowed into the premises. Including final year students like myself who were supposed to start our final exams today.

All roads to the school have been blocked and no one is certain if the exams will go on as scheduled. Among the protesters were class reps, and even the president of microbiology students association was seen holding a placard, referring to the situation as an “insurgency”.

As a final year student, I really just want to be done with my exams and graduate before January.

Here is a mini clip and some more pictures from the protests







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