Deputy Governor Of Enugu State Impeached, and Not For What You Might Think


The deputy governor of Enugu State, Sunday Onyebuchi has been impeached and guess why? For running a poultry farm from the government house. You read that right… Pretty much selling chickens from the government house. I guess that’s not totally a bad thing when you think of it.

According to a report by Sahara Reporters

Details of the impeachment session is still sketchy, but the deputy governor’s removal is believed to have been masterminded by Governor Sullivan Chime.

The Assembly accused Mr. Onyebuchi  of operating a commercial poultry at his official residence and of disobeying Governor  Chime, charges that, under the law, do not qualify as impeachment offenses. The impeached deputy governor had told the impeachment panel set up by the state’s chief judge that Mr. Chime also operated piggery farms at the Government House.

Giving evidence before the panel last Wednesday, Mr. Onyebuchi said the governor’s poultry was hurriedly evacuated shortly after the panel commenced sitting.

So let’s get this right?

1. The deputy governor is selling chickens from the government house

2. It’s no illegal to do so, or rather not an impeachable offense

3. The governor is accused of selling pigs from the government house too.

Oh boy! Enugu is definitely the place to go if you want fresh chickens and pork 🙂



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