Davido’s ‘E choke’ slang gets emoji on twitter

E choke Davido
Davido: E choke

Y’all remember when Davido said he was going to copyright the E choke slang right?

Well, while Davido hasn’t copyrighted the slang yet, he’s managed to get Twitter to get the an emoji created.

The singer excitedly tweeted,

Davido's E choke becomes twitter word
E choke

The emoji shows a the hashtag #echoke along with a picture of the singer clasping his neck with both hands in a choking stance.

E choke Davido
Davido: E choke

Variants to the slang include ‘who dey breet?’ and wizkid’s version ‘e restrict my airflow’.

This show hows much of an influence music is on pop culture.



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