Buhari’s AIT Ban! How Nigerians On Twitter Are Reacting


The news all through late last night, and this morning has been all about the president-elect Rtd. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, and his decision to ban AIT from covering him and his family. What exactly it means it up for interpretation, but we assume that it’s from covering his private life, and more personal aspects of the presidency.

The history of this stems from the presidential campaign where AIT were clearly on a smear campaign against Buhari, and it seems like Buhari is not giving AIT a free pass from that move.

There’s been a lot of mixed reactions from Nigerian on twitter, from those supporting him, to those who think it’s undemocratic, and those who think it doesn’t help:


  1. AIT has been extremely partisan, more than any other media station in the country and such practice is unethical. I think as at now they have been pardon to sin no more.

  2. buhari is fully right in his actions cos ait has bitten more it can chew.the hatred campaign on the president elect should be revisit.Ait sai buhari

  3. In my own contribution;the president-elect has his mandate and as such has declared what he so desires so that room of privacy which he so needs should atleast be given to him #ManRight

  4. he said they shud not cover his private life not the public life. but it is also wrong for a media agent to do what AIT did


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