Bomb Blast Hits Police Headquarters in Abuja


An explosion occurred outside police headquarters in Nigeria’s capital Abuja Today sources say

Yushau Shuaib, spokesman for Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency told reporters that there are indeed casualties but there are no details.

The cause of the blast was not immediately clear.

“The police force headquarters has been bombed, everywhere is bombed,” deputy national police spokesman Yemi Ajayi told AFP by telephone before hanging up.

The bomb exploded in a car park inside the police headquarters, said an emergency services worker on the scene.

“Several vehicles have been blown up,” he said. He could not immediately say if there were any casualties.

Roads leading to the attack site have been blocked off at least a kilometre and a thick plume of smoke rose from the area.


Source: Yahoo News


  1. Viva La Revolucion…….It has already started. This is how it begins, its starts small and grows into something that cannot be controlled. Let the Nigerian government deny it, let them intentionally print news report that will make the incident seem like an isolated incident. Its inability to make good on the promises it has made to millions of Nigerians will reflects itself in its inability to stop these kinds of attack. Only the use of force will get rid of these corrupt government. Good job to those that did the job.

    • tayo you are the biggest fool on earth,go 2 arab where u belong.Nigeria is not experiencing any revolution.when pple who drove nigeria's ship aground we didnt bomb,now that we are moving forward some group wants to revolt cos they r not in power.silly!

  2. Wat a country it was never like dis,while in ever tin we must give tanks and pray 2 god .dat those behind it must be but 2 book.dis must be ur every day prayer

  3. Tayo,u are insane. Is police HQ aso rock or nat. Assembly? What of the innocent bystanders in all these bombings? This is not a revolution,this is something else. Read about countries that revolutionized and how they did it. They attacked those in govt directly and not innocents. Start with France. I wonder how u would feel if your loved one was involved in dat bomb blast. pls let’s mind what we say on such fora. It isn’t fair to speak without compassion.

    • I understand what your saying. I don't think that any innocent bystander was killed unless you consider the corrupt Nigerian police force innocent.

  4. one nigeria ni,one nigeria ko,mschew,rubbish!!!!they should just be more careful next time and do it where they have their own people alone and not kill foreigners along with them,and by foreigners i mean not just those from outside nigeria but also those from any part of nigeria outside northern nigeria.

  5. Who is this tayo? Why did u talked as if u don’t av any family member or relatives? U beta mind ur speech, so dat u will not be d next victim as an inocent.

    • Thank you for your understanding Mr. Adewole. Abeg, let us leave these ppl alone. They are always right and I am always wrong. This is how it begins, ppl will criticize first but in the end they will have no choice. Violence is the recipe that makes the indifferent soul ponder their existence.

  6. Tayo even if your father is holding government position, that does not worth a single life of a Nigerian. you should be ashamed of yourself saaying this insane thing on a public forum like this. If you need violence, you can go to the middle east, you will be abored there, Nigerians are peaceful and most loving people on earth. CONDOLENCE TO THE FAMILY OF THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LOVED ONES IN THE BLAST.

  7. Nigeria is a good country, am proud of my country,
    whatever dat is good let say it good and what ever dat is bad let say is bad. God help nigeria and her citizens so dat we will not fall in the hands of traitor. Amen

  8. @tayo u ar surposed to condemn both d govt nd doze hu carried out d act instead of praizn doze hu caried out d act. @tayo na ur mama nd ur papa!! Mke una family go hug trans4oma.

  9. Let us all leave Tayo alone, that was is own way of thinking. Age is no barrier, it is common sense. What happened was a great loss to us, this is telling us that the end time is at hand. God will save all of us in Nigeria and He will put an end to it

  10. Where are we heading 2 in dis our bloved country? God in his infinite mercy wil surely fetched dos wicked ones out at his own tim,so brethen let’s contiue 2 prays on our knees 4our country nigeria & 4get wat d wickd ones lyk tayo are sayîn ok!

    • Anti-christ? As a matter of fact, I am an anti-christ. But what do you call those politicians that have toiled with the hopes of millions of Nigerians and spit in their faces? What do you call those pastors that preach about salvation, getting offerings from the poor people in Nigeria while they cruise around in private planes? What do you call those people that have put Nigeria into a dismay? Do you call them a saint or savior? Instead of calling someone a name, why don't you ask yourself those questions.

      People are not born right out of the womb and starting setting off bombs, Something must have caused it. Criminality is a form of social protest that drives deep into the corruption of society. Why don't you try to understand why these events happen?

  11. TAYO U ARE A DEVIL(ANTI-CHRIST)!..people are dead and u ar saying good job? Thus signs of the end of days, an antichrist. May the soul of those that died in the incident REST IN PEACE.

  12. @all pls guys leave tayo alone this Ȋ̝̊̅§ democracy where everyone has a̶̲̥̅ freedom of speech. Perhaps that’s his opinion ɑηd we can’t changed it for him after all one man food Ȋ̝̊̅§ another man poison

  13. Its sad to note that despite previous occurences,the Nigerian police is still not security concious.How could someone boldly walk into the premises of the police HQ and place a bomb there?the new years eve bombing was also close to the army barracks.It simply means even if they are given prior notice that someone is coming to drop a bomb,the person will walk into the said place,greet the security,take his time and place the bomb wherever he chooses and even have a drink before setting the timer after which he will give the officer at the gate 100 naira before strolling out….SHAME!!! I'd rather have a scarecrow for protection than a policeman.

  14. The problem of dis world is prophet mohmmed. The ‘God’ dat things he’s powerfl should fight 4 hmself,nt his follwrs fightng 4 hm!

  15. tayo is a goat nd a typical one 4dat mata. d next bomb wil affect him n his family directly if he does nt retract dat his foolish n babaric coment. by Gods grace we as a nation shall b vindicated 4rm dis devils cald boko haram. l dnt evn think they r nigerians. God xcept they repent kill them all.

    • Even if the next one affects my family, it won't be fault directly. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't complain. If my father were to die tomorrow, I would pray to God to forgive him his sins and allow him a safe passage to heaven. Call me whatever, I will stand by my comment no matter what. People like you are too quick to criticize while failing to understand why these events happen. People have been driven to the edge of frustration by the indifference of our politicians who refuse to acknowledge the suffering of the average Nigeria. People live lives of quiet desperation for too long and all of sudden they are burst with anger.

      Instead of people like you to try to understand, the first thing you do is lay blame where it doesn't need to be. What if these people decide to blow up the market square in Lagos? What are you going to do about it?

  16. I dont knw y al dis is happening 4 god sake may end of d word as come or nigeria as turn to pakistan or abganistan.

  17. My heart bleeds as i read comments of tayo and his likes. Wat if you happen to be the passerby that got seriously injured at the scene. Will you still give them kudos? May God forgive you for your inhumane gesture.

    • Your heart bleeds? What sin have I committed that warrants God's forgiveness? So it is a sin to speak my mind? Is it my fault that the explosion happened? Is it my fault that the Nigerian govt have decided to ignore the people's problem and steal the public's money?

      People like you end up bleeding for real. Your heart bleed? What kind of talk is that?

  18. Its so sad….

    If the police headquarters can be under such a gruesome attack….

    It means common men on the streets have no hope…..

    Na wa o

    Shame on pol….

  19. Who are this Boko Haram for Christ sake! Wat is their agitation?They are heartless, wicked animals. May God deliver us from them.

  20. Tayo or whatever your name is,Your comment portrayed two things:One you are ignorant & a fool.How do you define Revolution?When the Niger Delta Millitants wanted to pass a message to our government they went after oil companies & expartrates.They did not go about killing inocent people,they blew up pipe lines,kidnaped white exp,never killing thier own kind(we the masses)Abuja bomb blast,as well as all the killings in jos,the bomb blast in borno,maduguri & others is the handwork of some disgrunted elements,who cant handle the fact that Nigeria has woken up!We wanted a change & we the masses got it! for the first time you have people unsetting an incubent governors,for the first time,Nigerians voted with one voice & if you cant handle that,well i guess that is what makes you,the FOOL you are.

  21. We ar all insulting tayo rada dan pray against d re-ocurence of such an incident.leave tayo alone,4 d bible says, dat by dere fruit u shal knw dem,nd dat d companion of fools shal b destroyed .my heartfelt condolence goes 2 d victims nd dere family.MAY D PEACE OF GOD B UPON U ALL.

  22. Why r all of u sayin this? every 1 is entitle to his or her opinion.tayo, fire on. this government is lackin far behind. una neva see anythin

    • Even if you agree with my inhuman comment, you at least agree that the lacking of the government has made these kinds of attack happen.

  23. Yes, this is Tayo talking again. You can call me whatever you want to call but that will not change anything. It is not my fault that those attackers bombed the police station. As a matter those police deserve it, for they represent the element of corruption and lawlessness that has plagued Nigeria for too long. You call me ignorant and an anti-christ, but what do you call those politicians that have looted the country? Those that are response for putting more than half of Nigerians into desperate poverty? Would you call them a saint or a savior? You're complaining that innocent people have died, that should be the least of your worries. In fact, innocent ppl dying are just collateral, many more will die. All of your name callings will nothing to stop it.

    Remember what Joseph Stalin said "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is just statistics". This is how it starts, those politicians will get whats coming to them.

  24. Actual it’s a pity to hear such things in nigeria i pray that God wil console the family of the victims Amen and also God should expose all the pepetrators in Jesus Mighty Name I Pray Amen

  25. Ok dis isn’t a revolution,dunno wat it is though but its sadddd.if d police cnt protect demsevs how wud dey protect us

  26. The world wakes up to chaos everyday, @Tayo was not minscing words its revolution baby Nigeria ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̇ just not country for this we can do better!! Let’s deny this now and make Nigeria a bera place

  27. what is really happening in nigeria ? Why re we living like the pakistanians ? I think is time our president got to look into this matter seriously , i think he’s been so patient.

  28. @tayo, to an extent uve got a point but one thing uve failed to realise is that there’s no excuse for taking human life and I believe there are better ways to resolve the problems of this countries rather than turning it to one afghanistan or iraq or watever…. And please leave ur father out of this okay if u feel its ok for any of your family members to be bombed , I feel u should be the one since its ok by you and I beleieve pple on this forum would be glad 2 assist u with that. Shikena

    • Lmaoooo. Violence doesn't solve problem but it is always a catalyst. It awakens the sleeping masses, gets them to talk and ask questions about their own indifference. Violence is the beginning stage not the end solution.

  29. as a matter fact my nigerians,let’s leave d matter of som1 is an anti-christ alone,but let’s talk 2 our government, they shuld knw their duties instead of stayin dia 4 name shake,cos as it is posible 4 d police headquarter 2 b bombed den we d citizens shuld nt joke wit ourself. But they said a leader don’t c theirselves as a king but wat they do is 2 serve d followers,dat is not d same wit our leaders,they embezled our money nd they don’t tink of securing d source of d money at all.All d same only God can save us in dis country.Nd notin lyk bokoharam,even if it is bokoharam den our governmenent lack enough security cos dis peoples carry dis bomb thru d border of nigeria.Let?s just be praying sha,whether chriristian or muslim,may Gnd save us.I AM PROUD 2 B NIGERIAN,DIS IS MY COUNTRY.

  30. @tayo bone all these grammer wey u just d speak anyhw! Critisize d both party nd stop givn kudos to anoda. Iz diz hw u go abt ur job if u ar givin an apointmnt to be an adviser?@adewale go sitdown mke u reason well b4 dm mislead u to yarn rubish. @ d rest of ma country brodas i gbadun d way una d reason.we shal al pray nd mke diz country gr8.its all in our hands.

  31. i think TAYO is a bokoharam member if possible be trackdown and get arrested and dat is why our govt shld do some tin abt tracking some fools who think they can use the internet the way the like. And i pray dat you will die in jesus name. Bcos you are agent of darkness.

    • The Nigerian govt should come and track me down? You must be joking. They can't even protect themselves from a small terrorist attack but it is me they want to track down. They can't provide adequate healthcare, good education, clean water but it is me they want to track down. You pray that I die Jesus name? Omo, stop using the name of the Lord in vain.

  32. Tayo y are u too talkn like dis ,were talkn about dos who lost dare life in d bombblast u are talkn rubish out of mount ,now had it mean dat one of ur relation was among d victim u wouldnt have ben talkn like dis ,wel its bad if one does not have human feelings at all


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