Boko Haram Kill 32; Kidnap 185 women and children in Borno


Multiple sources have it that Boko Haram, the deadly sect waging an insurgency against the state have killed 32 people in Borno State, and kidnapped an additional 185 women and children.


CNN reported that gunmen in pickup trucks attacked the village of Gumsuri, which is just north of Chibok, and began shooting all the men, and capturing the women and children.

“They gathered the women and children and took them away in trucks after burning most of the village with petrol bombs,” a local government official said on condition anonymity for fear of reprisal.

News of the attack took four days to emerge because of a lack of communication. Telecommunications towers in the region had been disabled in previous attacks.

There hasn’t been any word yet from the military as of yet. We sure hope they’ll give us some more insight soon.


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