Ben Bruce Pledges To Donate His Wardrobe Allowance To Unpaid Osun State Workers


Now this is what we like to see.

Senator Ben Bruce, from Bayelsa State, has pledged to donate his wardrobe allowance to the unpaid workers in Osun State.

Shortly after word broke out that Senators and House of Reps we’re going to be receiving 17-21 million naira in wardrobe allowance, Twitter erupted and one of the first targets was Senator Ben Bruce.

Ben Bruce has been very interactive with Nigerian social media users so it was easy to see why he was targeted first.

But barely 24 hrs after the news broke out, the Bayelsa East Senator took to Twitter to announce that he’ll be donating his allowance to Osun State workers (oddly) who haven’t been paid in almost 6 months.

We find it odd that he’ll donate to Osun State which he is not representing, but there wont be too many complaints.

Kudos sir! Now let’s hope you actually do it. Talking and doing are 2 different things


  1. I have nothing against this man, but please, let us stop congratulating him. He is playing Father Christmas with Nigeria’s money, with YOUR money. He should reject the allowance in the first place, encourage his colleagues to do the same and change the laws regarding allowances, as well as work to make withholding salaries from civil servants at the state and federal level illegal. Only in Nigeria will fully employed, educated, able-bodied men and women be the beneficiaries of non-perishable food donations. One class of public employees starving and hoping for donations, while another class of public employee given astronomical salaries, along with ridiculous allowances to ensure they never have to spend it.


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