Babangida Officially Declares Presidential Ambition


Finally, former Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida has confirmed that he would contest the 2011 Presidential election.

The declaration came one week after the retired General who had ruled the country for eight years told newsmen in Lagos that he was still consulting with stakeholders on his political future.

But the former despot confirmed his renewed interest in the nation‘s leadership on Saturday in Benin, Edo State while heading for Asaba, Delta State capital to attend the commissioning of the Women Development Centre in honour of his deceased wife, Mariam.

”The speculation is correct,” Babangida told newsmen at the Benin Airport.

He added, ”I am going to Delta State because of the special love I have for it and courtesy of the Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan”.

Also, the Niger State governor, Dr. Babangida Aliu, who was also on his way to Asaba, disclosed that the governors were very much interested in the implementation of the electoral reforms as that would help usher in a new lease of life in the nation‘s electoral system.


  1. This is awful news…just when I thought we were heading in the right direction under Goodluck, I see this. Babangida has to be stopped somehow.

  2. It's a shame the richest country in Africa is killing itself. You mean to tell me with all the elites and education people we have, we can not progress and move forward. No wonder Nigerians would rather stay abroad than return home, there's no home to go to when we continue to degrade ourselves by having militants rule the country. It's 2010 and we still are stuck in our old habits.Untity is what we need a new start. Why not let someone from the South rule for once, considering that is where the oil is from. The people of the south are suffering everyday, while the north is glorified this doesnt make any sense. Why are we still electing corrupt military leaders for? When we NEPA provide consistant light for 24 hours a day and when will we have fresh clean running water? These are the issues Nigerians should be concerned with how can we as a nation progress?!


      I so agree on everything you posted!

      NEPA gives 3 surrounding countries lights 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, but we in Nigeria ration electricity!

      When will there be running pipe water in all of Ibadan & Saja ?

  3. is better for me to die to see IBB rules again! i really want to knows what this guy have been eaten

    that is giving him the guts to say his coming back……… well…….. no wahala

    make we dey look! !! !!!

  4. Na wa o, Nigeria and recycled politicians…. why the heck do we tell youths they're the future leaders when we have the same old, illiterate buffoons ruling the country everytime… I mean what the heck!

    Enough is friggin enough….

  5. why are we killing ourselves about this matter?. this is a minor matter. All we need to do is kill all these old politicians trying to spoil the country and Nigeria will be good to go.

  6. Enough is Enough Nigeria is a good strategy to be heard but we need more than that to take down the government and change Nigeria. if you are interested in knowing the plan, get at me and we'll be good to go.


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