Arrests Made On ABSU Gang Rape Case


BBC is reporting that the Nigerian police have arrested two people in connection with the gang-rape of a woman posted on the internet.

Bala Hassan, the commissioner for police in Abia State, said the two men were detained after cyber activists posted pictures and names online. There are no reports of who the suspects are as of right now.

The video has been the hot topic of discussion all over country this past week and has shocked Nigeria both for the brutal nature of the rape and the initial failure to investigate. The news was eventually carried by the Associated Press.

Despite the video of the rape being widely watched online, officials in Abia State had declared their short investigations over as the victim had not come forward, and an official statement from the governor claimed the rapists were not ABSU students and the video was put together by his political enemies.

What followed was a sustained campaign on social networks to force the police back into action and to uncover clues from the video that might identify the culprits.

On Thursday the Nigerian national assembly called on the police to re-open their investigation.

Three days later, based purely on names and photos posted online, they have made two arrests.

The rape victim also appears to have been located and women’s rights group has said they are now in touch with her and are trying to get her out of Abia State to where she can receive counselling and medical attention.

This high-profile case has highlighted what campaigners say is the Nigerian police’s refusal to take rape seriously as a crime.

Source: BBC

Photo Credit: DailyMail Foreign Wire Service


  1. Thank God that arrest finally made ,hope soon we shall see the face of the five guys ,the so called Abia state governor is evil it self ,so when he said is not happen in ABUS ,wm not surpprise cos deveil is using him to commit more evil ,so he is not in good state of mind ,and the Nigeria police is so weak that they can easily buy with money and they will forget their resposibilty ,that was the reason we have no future in Nigeria ,shame to then who still doing evil in their own mother land

  2. God!!! I am personally grateful to you. I have not been able to sleep. I have not been able to focus. Even the thought of sex has become repulsive to me. I think I even need help myself. But with this news, I am a little bit relieved. Now its time to pray that the demonic creatures get life imprisonment with hard labor where they will be raped by other inmates on a daily basis. And that law student's name should be immediately struck off – we don't want him at the bar!

  3. the governor needs to have his head re-examined for trying to politicised this issue.he himself should be investigated

  4. mayb Gov.T.A.Orji collaborated d rape.4 him 2 say no investigation is 2 b made means dat he himself is involved…he shud b probed cos of dis

  5. God is gud all the time, gov orji should resign with imediate effect bcos what is political enemies want to gain from dis scene of rape, they did not accuse gov of stealing or something else, so therefore gov orji should be impeach bcos he is not human at all even her wife should be ashamed to call herself a mother. Thanks

  6. the governor and his wife should be ashamed of themselves. when they are not sure, y do they av to wave it off @d first instance.. even that so called VC is incompetent. shame to them all.

  7. I think proper investigation will be done this time around, not for Nigerian police to go and parade a condemn criminal as the perpetrator of this devilish act instead of the original fools that do this demonic rape. And who ever they may be or the son of who ever they may be they should be brought to book

  8. unbelievable! So happy dt d rape case has been given attention bt why is our so called governor politicizing (crabs) every issue wen he shud be making efforts 4 more solution. Sit up

  9. I am personally relieved with this arrests made, thank God Almighty, as for d shameless gov of Abia state, shameless NPF, i’m also glad dat they hv shown d world hw ignorant & nonchallant they are. A lady was raped n all her gov cld do is point accusing fingers 2political enemies. I on behalf of d youths of dis nation call on GEJ 2compel d SSS 2fish d remaining out 4a thorough screening n punishment.

  10. It’s an opprobrium 4 a governor 2 make comment that a rape case was the hand work of his detractors instead of standing firm and calling on securities 2 fish out the culprits. It’s really a shame. And how are we even sure he knows nothing about it? He needs 2 be probed. As 4 d culprits, nemesis has started catching up wit them. BEASTS!!!

  11. To my best of knowledge and findings, the ABSU rape saga is FALSE.
    How can that story be true and nobody in ABSU knows the victim and the actors. Police has pledged the sum of N500,000 for any usefull info on the matter, yet, nobody is coming up with the right picture.
    I school in ABSU, 4th year Legal student. The girl is not in my class.
    Story had it that it happend in Fed Poly Nekede.
    Police/Sas arrested cultist in ESUTH because of same rape case.
    Who is fooling who here?
    Is this a way to speak evil of our government, security and School?
    Is high time Nigerians use their brain.

  12. I ran into the ten-minute clip of this much talked about video only on wednesday 7th December, 2011.

    At first i was misinformed and got to blaming the girl. Since i got the full and correct details, I have not been able to say anything.

    What do you want me to say?

    But i have one assurance to give to everyone – both those on the side of the girl and those on the side of the boys – those 5boys, everyone of them, will be apprehended and brought to book. Not one of them will go unpurnished.

    They will be alive, rot and beg to die.

    What i have spoken, i have spoken!


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