Aluu 4 Were Set Up By Someone Who Owed Them Money – IG of Police


The police IG has confirmed what many have been saying since last week about the 4 students of Uniport who were murdered by an angry mob in the Aluu community in Port Harcourt.

In a statement, the IG Mohammed Abubakar said “Findings have revealed that the victims had gone to the area where they met their unfortunate death earlier that morning to demand for money allegedly owed them by Coxson Lelebori Lucky, alias ‘Bright’, who raised a false alarm that the victims were armed robbers.

He also added that although Coxson has gone underground, detectives are on his trail. “Investigation is ongoing with efforts being intensified to track down others who are involved in the incident. Those who are found culpable shall be prosecuted.

We’ve heard this version of the story before and now the IG has confirmed it.

It’s very sad that it had to end this way.


  1. What can I say? These young leaders of tomorrow were truly innocent. Whoever and wherever that evil Coxson is, luck will not be on his side when same circumstance will befall him. Adieu brothers. My greatest prayer is that the Almighty God grant you eternal peace IJN. Amen.

  2. My God is never asleep.. And, He is a God of Veangeance.. The false alrmist will be caught up with his Evil.. How impressive of our Police to confirm this.. Its only really depressing that same police gave their consent to the gruesome lynching of the late boys.. For Tekena’s sister confirmed that some policemen came to the scene of the incident that fateful morning, conversed with the villagers perpretrators and finally walked back into their van and zoomed off.., after giving the villagers a “go-ahead”.. How treacherous!!!


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