Aluu 4: “I Witnessed My Brother Being Killed”; Tekena’s Sister Narates Her Ordeal The Aluu 4 Killers


This is really sad and can help us understand why it’s difficult to stop an angry mob bent of carrying out their execution. It’s crazy because reading this I can definitely believe how she must’ve been helpless in trying to explain to them.

Apparently, the police was there when this happened also, which is also in line with Mrs Baringa’s story.Very sad when human life can’t even be protected by the police. So what’s the use of having the police there?

Just read below. Courtesy of the Daily Sun:

Miss Ibisobia Elkanah, elder sister of Tekena Friday Elkanah, revealed yesterday that policemen visited the scene where the students were burnt to death after they were severely injured and that one of the law enforcement agents told the perpetrators of the dastardly act “to burn them alive”

The murdered students, Chiadika Lordson, Ugonna Kelechi Obusor, Mike Lloyd Toku, and Tekena Elkanah, all part two students, were murdered in cold blood over alleged theft of a laptop computer and a blackberry phone. Ibisobia, a part-time final year student of Marketing, at the same university who witnessed the incident, said on that fateful day, at about 7.30 am, she was at the house of her girl friend in the community when she heard people shouting outside. “I dashed out and beckoned on my friend to come since she lived in the area.

The thing attracted much noise and attention. I went there but did not actually see or recognize any of them, due to the crowd. “I heard when people were saying the people they (vigilance group) caught were strangers; that they want to burn them.

They said they were asking them questions, so that they could know their senders.” She said after that, she went back to her friend’s house, but could not stay there. “I went back again. I went through the bush path so that I could see them properly. I started jumping to see if I could see them. I jumped again but saw nothing. I jumped the second time and I saw Tekena. Tekena happened to be my brother. “I told myself that I was not seeing well, this thing is a lie. I jumped the third time, I saw Lloyd (one of the victims). So, I started shouting.

From what I gathered, the first time I came, they said they were not known; that they were strangers. As I identified them, I started shouting. Ibisobia said she continued shouting that Tekena was her brother, saying that he came to her on Thursday in school and she gave him his school fees. “I told them that somebody should allow me to ask him what happened and what he came to do. He would confide in me. He was wailing and in a pool of blood.”

“Tekena has been my younger brother for many years. I saw them as they lay in the water naked with leaves covering their nakedness.” His elder sister said she struggled and entered the crowd. Somebody shouted “Who is that? What is she doing inside?” “People were pushing me and I started crying. He is my brother! He is not a thief! Somebody behind me said O’girl run for your life.

About two persons turned and asked, are you sure he is your brother, and said may be I was the person that sent him to go and steal.” Ibisobia replied them that how could she send him, that she did not look as such. ‘They said I should run for my life that I would be the next one, fifth person.” The young lady lamented that before she could get to her friend’s room to call her family members, she learnt that the mob had taken them to the burrow pit. “So, I went there again.

I called my family and they started coming. The police van came, went into the mob and they were talking to them (youths). The people kept quiet as police were making statements. “I heard them laughing. You know, they were happy. They kept quiet again. Police talked and they laughed again. The next was for me to see three policemen coming out of the mob, boarded their van. And, one of the said “burn them alive”. “I must confess, I was gripped with fear.

I had the intention to talk to the man that said they should be burnt alive. As soon as they (police) drove off, I saw the flames. I was thinking they burnt them after they had killed them. Later, I discovered that they were burnt while they were alive.

Source: TheDailySun


  1. Tragic, inhuman, barbaric and callous. Nigeria police is a disgrace to their claron call. Its a shame am shout of words.

  2. Its rather unfortunate…naturally,I despise policemen,my mum threatened to disown me if ever I brought a policeman home…
    I believe tekena’s sister,am mortified,such horrors by anyone is unacceptable,no one has the right to judge another,I can’t still get over that story,my heart to the family…
    I hope that a miracle happens and everyone of then gets a piece of their medicine,and I trust God on that…

  3. Sad is an understatement I can imagine how it feels to watch your younger brother burnt alive *shm* and also people, human beings were there watching and snapping the scene as if they were at a cinema and the worst of it all was that the S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ called Nigeria police were present too shame big shame Nigeria police is a disgrace!

  4. The whole of that police division should be held accountable for breach of procedure, aiding barbaric crimes, felony, negligence on duty, irresponsibility.. & anything accountable unto them…. The one that said they should be Burnt alive should be made a scape-goat!

  5. Imagine! I feel so sorry for her to have witnessed such horror. Just the next monday I ALMOST took a wrong turn while driving. I decided to re-confirm from a police o. Next thing he said was ‘open the car door’ jerking frantically at my car door handle. I asked ‘why’, imagiine his answer ‘I am d police’. Immediately, I activated my ‘lagos girl’. I said ‘so what? Was it not ur mates that watched 4 innocent boys being killed’? He said he would finish me. I asked him to go ahead and see if he would sleep in his bed that night. They shd be scrapped. Rubbish lot.

  6. What has nigeria turn into *sign of end time* police that were mend to stop the killing said “burn them alive” Nigeria police is a disgrace. *smh* am really shut of word but am sure my God still lives and he sees all what is happening.

  7. God kws that my heart is so heavy considering the circle leading that unfortunate trapment shame very big shame

  8. if it is in true that our Nigerian police hard a part in the process leading to the unplanned death of those four eligant and contending figure of young looking men SHAME SHAME i am disappointed

  9. OMG!cant help dis still don’t wanna believe dis God so u mean d police said dis “BURN DEM ALIVE”I knw d gov will nt do anytin abt it nor the president.God of our Vengeance,avenge speedly for d innocent souls TEKANA,LLOYD,UGONNA nd CHIDIAKA nd for does dat withnessed it nd supported D same JUDGEMENT awaits them and their families#AMEN!

  10. God have mercy on the souls of does datwatched and committed d act of murder. God will surely avenge their deaths.

  11. No nid †̥ speak english self Nigerian police dm too useless I swear mk dm jst no get anitin lik police 4 dis 9jja miss RIP †̥ ur broda nd his frnds dia soul ll surely rest in peace Amen tufiakwa Nigeria

  12. Imagine such a thing still happening when we have our so called ILLITRATE Law Enforcement agencies @ the scene,it shows this country will never grow again,I PITY THIS COUNTRY..NO FUTURE

  13. Police! na dm b d problem wn we gt 4 ds country.give one good reason y police should b my friend,and y i should give dm information?have u ever see any police man died a natural death?is either they die of struck,gun shot,high blood presure.the day I dishone my elder sister was the day she brought a police man as her husband wonder they don’t suficient information to track the activities of boko-haram.nigeriapolice shama on u guys,shame shame shame,shame.bunch of animals

  14. Ades or whatever u call urself did u see d truth now, there ar not a thief or cultist u are there vomitting rubbish. Better think before u talk rather than talk before u think stupid


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