All My Enemies Must Die…In Jesus Name?


All my enemies must die in Jesus name, Amen!” We’ve all heard this kind of prayer. With all the poverty and frustration going on in Nigeria, our country has become increasingly religious. Sadly, most of it has taken the wrong and selfish turn like many things in Nigeria.

In 1999, after the sudden death of my beloved father, my mother decided it was a good idea to delve deeper into her “relationship” with God for protection. The events that took place after my father’s death was just like what they portray in Naija movies, I swear! We had the uncles come and “count” property, mother was accused of killing dad, family members tried to gather whatever “wealth” they thought we had, and the whole nine yards. So, naturally, in order to feel safe from “juju” my mother decided she would go to church more and “pray for her enemies.”

We went to this church (I won’t mention any names but it starts with ‘M’) and they prayed a lot that all our enemies will “fall down and die” (with vigor). While only 16 years of age and very angry at my father’s death, I couldn’t help but question the validity of that kind of prayer. I thought Jesus said we should pray FOR not against our enemies. These people practically justified their hateful hearts by saying, “Jesus meant that you should pray that God will punish them.” What? Where? Can’t I read?

And that is the problem with us today. We go to religious gatherings where they tell us what to believe. We refuse to search or do research for ourselves; we just go to these places to feel good about ourselves and then go home and continue to be the jerks we already were. No change of heart, no purity of the mind, nothing! We go and beg pastor to pray for us, like he has special powers. Did Jesus not say “if you ask anything in my name, it shall be given to you”? Even what I just quoted will not be checked. But we will eat it all the same. And no, I’m not a prude by any means. I used to be very religious. However, I’ve decided that the most important thing in life is to treat others how you want to be treated!

Another thing that kills me is the increasing amount of “prophets” that have arisen in Lagos (or Nigeria as a whole). What is wrong with these people? They tell you to pay them before they see “vision” for you. Seriously? And we too, like mumu, will quickly pay them so they will pray for us after they tell us their fake visions. It’s even these so called “pastors” that tell us to punish innocent kids, because they “look” like witches! Mothers abandon their children in the hands of a stranger believing that the innocent child is the cause of her misfortune. Brainwashed? Abso-freaking-lutely! This is another form of voodoo-ism (don’t care if that’s a word, you get my point). It’s just camouflaged as Christianity. By the way, where did Paul or Peter ask for money? In fact, when Elisha went behind Elijah’s back to take the gifts Elijah rejected, he was cursed with Leprosy. Jesus himself, did not take or ask for gifts when he performed miracles. These idiotic “pastors” have even spread their bad news all the way here. Some of us send them money all the way from America to Nigeria, so they can pray for us to get that promotion, or that wife/husband, or child that we want. Wake up!

It’s honestly funny how we’re one of the most religious nations on planet earth, but we ourselves are the most hateful people. Where is your religion? What is the point? Why sweet talk your God, if you don’t plan on praying for and forgiving your enemies, or being happy when your brother succeeds? Have you ever thought for one second, that it’s the bad you’ve done to others that is coming back to hunt you? Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe your bad character is messing up your marriage (and not your mother in-law) or maybe you just simply married a jerk? And then we will post on our facebook status about how “God is good O”, and try to thank him for the things he has done (as if to attempt to convince him that we care). Look, if your religion is not making a real difference in your character and the way you treat people, maybe it’s time you seek something else (like counselling). Thank God my mother finally left that church!

Peace! 😉

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  1. GBAM. I consider myself a woman trying to walk closely with God and I agree with what you have said. I accepted Jesus into my life and with that came the call to forgive my enemies and know that vengeance (which does not always equal death) is of the Lord and not me. O and you can not be calling on God one minute and turn around and continue your vile acts. It don't work that way sweetie.

    I can not be mad at the Naija population because it is dire straits that has turned us into what we are. When I came here and saw people on fire for God not shouting down the Heavens when they had a problem, I knew something was up with us.

    Yes, it is not always your MILs fault that your marriage collapsed, look at said marriage there were issues. Its not her fault that you don't have children, have you visited the doctor to find out what's going on internally…are you and your hubby having sex (this is a real one, I did not know how the lady was planning to conceive, without doing it the way God intended) smh. Do I believe that there are evil forces out there, yes. Do I believe we carry things to the extreme…ooo yes. God will help us.

    Sorry for the essay :-p

  2. Na our way for naija jere……

    we do everything to the extreme…..

    Religion, fraud, corruption, crime, kidnapping even sports sef we just do it to the extreme.

    So ive come to terms with it. Im at a place where im happy with the few friends i have, the family im close to and the joys i receive from the good cheer of people around me….

    I can sleep at night soundly.

    Its a great article and i totally reckon with u Ngo….


  3. NGO very interesting Article… In economic hard times people tend to cling to their religion or depend of their governments for solution… the Nigerian political system is such that her citizens can not depend on her for assistants. as a result of helplessness they start seeking supernatural intervention. At this point they become very vulnerable to different messages and gravitate to all kinds of messages. Desperate times call for desperate measures just like some people have chosen kidnapping as a means of making daily bread so did others venture into the spiritual consulting firm, since there is a great market for it… any which way man must chop!!!

  4. Is this 'realest' thing i've read today or what. I dont understand why someone will want to pray for their enemies to die. God doesnt answer prayers that are full of HATE. Talk less of preachers asking for money to see visions…i understand the church needs to be kept up and that's what tithes and donations are for. I'm not big on quoting the bible but i know somewhere in the bible it says that all these fakes will be exposed. PPl wonder y i crack jokes on preachers when they r exposed, it's because of nonsensical BS like this

  5. NGO…i pray God will give us the wisdom to understand good articles like this,you made a whole lot of sense and i totally agree with you on this, inshort you touched my soul…lol.

  6. One of the most interesting and short articles I have read lately about Nigerian situation. You said it point blank. I want to add another one; students that are supposed to be studying, reading and engaging their teachers about the way they can lift the country forward are only interested in going to night vigils. Some that do not go and are reading are only cramming to pass the examinations without understanding of the basics and how what they are taught is applicable to life. They have forgotten what they learn in school are suppose to help solve societal problems.

  7. Urm, Gehazi went behind Elijah to get gifts for himself and got cursed for it. Elisha on the other hand went on to get double the anointing on Elijah. Maybe you should invest more time studying your bible for yourself rather than viciously attacking other peoples' "method", for you are equally guilty of the same thing you are upset about…just in a different way…

    • LOL! Thanks for the correction. Na someone sha go collect money wey he no suppose to collect. We all get the point. Thanks!

    • AMEN Yinka — I could NOT have

      said it any better myself. =D

      The person who wrote this article comes across

      as being filled with so much arrogant hypocrisy

      and clearly displays so much ignorance regarding

      the Bible (even going so far as to mix up people).

      When the Bible says that people are to pray "FOR"

      their enemies — it does NOT mean to pray that God

      will "bless" the enemy (materialistically-speaking).

      IT MEANS that the person is to pray "IN REGARDS TO"

      the enemy — in other words — rather than to try to seek

      a 'personal revenge' against the person — they are to,

      instead, "bring the matter to God" and to let God

      “do whatever it takes” for the enemy to either

      be brought to ‘repentance’ or to ‘repercussions’.

      Only someone who is truly ignorant to studying the

      Bible (in the original Greek and Hebrew in which it

      was originally written) would ever be so arrogant or

      foolish as to think that Christ would command that

      His followers pray for Him to materiallistally-“bless”

      someone who is trying to destroy His own followers.

      Again – to “pray FOR” one’s enemy means that you

      are “praying IN REGARDS TO” that enemy – just

      as to “bless” one’s enemy means that one decides to

      ‘share with them the blessed good news of the gospel

      of Jesus Christ’ (thus, giving them the opportunity to

      serve and follow Him) rather than to ‘curse’ them

      (by not sharing the gospel) into an eternity in hell. =D

  8. Omo, God bless you for this article! That thing always make me feel so ashamed when I hear it in Churches. God's message, Jesus' message is NOT about hate but about LOVE! smh…

  9. And that whole thing about hurting innocent, defenseless people just because some random illiterate misbegotten evil swine says these people are the cause of our problems just makes me so mad I want to scream! How many children, men, and women have suffered, being killed, and burnt alive because people refuse to use their gray matter? And please let's not even label this "voodoo-ism". The fact of the matter is that so many of our traditional "pagan" or "animist" religions are 100% more humane than the 'Christianity' and 'Islam' we have adopted today! I'd trade killing a fellow human being in the name of Islam or Christianity for killing a chicken and eating some mashed yams in the name of Amadioha ANY DAY!

  10. Am going to make these saying point to you ngo,

    The irony of Bethlehem means prince of peace which is the birth place

    Of Jesus and Bethlehem still makes weapons of war.

  11. @Author: you mentioned in your article that Elisha went behind Elijah to get previously rejected gifts and got leprosy. Actually, it was Elisha's servant, Gehazi, that it happened to. Might I suggest the physician heal themself first (sorry, I couldn't resist :P)

    I have to say your article has a point – Jesus himself might have a hard time recognizing what we have made of what he left behind. I think I'll leave it at that so I don't raise any controvesial issues.

  12. Well said NGO, its a problem that involves d society that needs to be addressed, evry1 wants quick miracle no mata d expense, prity terrible. If u can pray for yourself and ave faith, God will surely asn such prayer. Lovely article tho

  13. True talk my sister.i think everybody need to go to the bible themselves,and know what it says.As born again christians, we need to be spirit filled and empowered in the holy spirit.Then u can descern who is a true prophet of God. We all have to get connected to God in truth and in spirit,not hit and run children of God but hit and stay children of God.

  14. Well written, although I should point out from your qoute about Elijah nd Elisha. I think the name you meant was Gehazi not “Elisha”.

  15. what i am going to say to these article, his that i pray that God himself will open our spiritual eye to the understanding of the prayer ‘All my enemies must die’! this prayer his a powerful spiritual prayer that everyone call a christian must pray about. Jesus said that we should bless and not curse our enemies. As a born again Christian our aim should focus on souls conversion of unbelievers. So in this regards, when praying that all our enemies must die simply referred to the spirit controlling that fellow individual because once the spirit dies the fellow individual his free from that bondage. So therefore, the prayer that all my enemies must die his not a curse but a blessing. Thank you.


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