Abuja Prostitutes Given 48 hrs to Leave The City


Worried by the sharp increase in their activities, sex workers in the Federal Capital Territory have been given a 48-hour ultimatum by the FCT Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed, to leave the nation’s capital or face the wrath of the law.

The minister, who decried the steady rise in the population of prostitutes in Abuja, noted that they constitute a nuisance as their services add no value to the beauty of the city.

He gave them a stern warning to heed the ultimatum, noting that the FCT Special Task Force would be out as from today to arrest them.

The minister, who issued the ultimatum through the FCT Secretary for Social Development, Mrs. Blessing Onuh, while on a visit to the call girls at their respective joints on Saturday night, also warned men who patronise the girls to desist from the act as he promised that anyone caught would be treated like the prostitutes.

He said that to drive home the importance of the assignment to the FCT, the Task Force would commence arrest from today and warned the prostitutes not to take the matter lightly.

At Emprest Hotel, “which is the headquarters” of the commercial sex workers in Wuse District, where over 600 call girls were seen parading the streets waiting for prospective customers, the secretary lamented that most of the girls involved were under-aged.

In her message to the girls she said, “I’m out to instruct the girls that the FCT minister has given them 48 hours to vacate the city and quit the job. They constitute a nuisance in the city and the FCT administration will not tolerate them.

“We are also sending warnings to all those men patronizing them to stop. Some of the girls are under-aged; it is child abuse. If we get you doing that we will get you arrested, lock you up and treat you like the prostitutes are treated.”

A patron of the call girls who spoke to reporters under condition of anonymity gave reason why he patronized call girls, saying it was due to the weather which made it difficult for him to spend the night alone.

“As you can see, it is rainy season now, it is not good for a man to just go home and sleep alone,” he said.

The man argued that the ultimatum given to the girls would lead to an increase in the charges of the girls who presently charge between N5,000 and N7,000 per night.

He said, “This decision now will make them to increase their price. Normally we take them home for N6,000 or N7,000 but now with this decision, they will increase it to N15,000 or more than that.”

The secretary, after addressing the girls at Wuse Zone 4, made a donation of N50,000 to the girls after they complained to her that they had not eaten all day and she advised them to desist from selling their bodies for money but try to go into a more decent occupation.

Source: allAfrica.com


  1. Asking them to leave the city is not the answer. It seems the minister is concerned about Abuja and not the country in general. Give these girls better jobs and let them leave not just the street of Abuja but the streets of Nigeria and do better things with their lives.

    Coming to the point of saying some of these girls are under-age and that the men that patronise them will be treated with same punishment what Have you done to Yarima that took 14 years old baby as a wife? One law for government officials and another for the public. CREATE JOBS, CREATE MORE JOBS…

    • Amen 2 u someone! They jst "trying" to treat the consequences & effects of their FAILED governance & policies instead of treating the CAUSE! People are gon find a way to survive, especially when the govt. they voted in (sike…your vote doesn't count in 9ja) can't provide for them! And for the executive molester who took a child in, in the name of religion, heaven awaits him!

  2. "A patron of the call girls who spoke to reporters under condition of anonymity gave reason why he patronized call girls, saying it was due to the weather which made it difficult for him to spend the night alone.

    "As you can see, it is rainy season now, it is not good for a man to just go home and sleep alone," he said."

    I am shocked at this person's reasoning. Go marry, yeye. MMCHEEEWW!!!

    On the other hand, it is a good thing that the government wants to do, when I go out, I don't want to be looked at like I'm a prostitute. If there is some sanity, life is easier for us who like going out. BUT, createing more jobs is like asking for there to be constant light supply. The solutuion will come when the old men make way for the younger to do the ruling, as it ought to be.

    • You don't want to be looked at like a prostitute, oh well…do you dress or act like one? That's like a man saying its good for the govt. to ask armed robbers to "relocate" becoz he doesn't wanna be looked at like an armed robber. If it barks like a dog, chances are…its a damn dog!!!

  3. Really? Are they kidding me? The problem is not prostitution, the problem is employment. If there was employment, then the number of prostitutes will drop. Putting the cart before the horse. shio.

  4. First off is, is prostitution illegal in Nigeria. Because according to this governor the problem seems to be with the number of prostitutes not their existence. Besides, what happened to idea of democracy and freedom? When did it become possible for a governor to order people out of a state? And I am so glad they are concerned about many of the prostitutes being underage, considering all the underage marriages that are considered "legal" in Nigeria. Loved the bit about 50,000 Naira being donated, what can that accomplish in Nigeria? Like a couple of people said, it's about employment. The whole topic is just wrong on so many levels.

  5. Ah, Naija and our fronting. Sending them out is not the problem. They'll just relocate or get more organized. Besides, isn't it the same law makers who go and chill in hotels and get these same prostitutes?

  6. they cnt live d city, u may nt c dem 4 sometime bt da are stil around.bt again if d liv FCT whia are they going to stay minister why are u to bayas like dis?


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