“Abuja: Nigeria’s unfinished capital built on ‘stolen’ land” Says BBC Writer, Alex Preston.



A reporter Alex Preston from British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has written an article about Nigeria’s capital city Abuja. This report outlines the writer’s stay in the city in which he points out how “charmless and expensive” it is.

He also tags it as “Nigeria’s unfinished capital built on stolen land”. “A false place”

He writes about various projects which the government had undertaken, completed and uncompleted. How Abuja has been stolen from the Gwari people and more.

He visits different parts of the city, expressing his views. A glimpse of his impression of Aso Rock..

“We drove out towards Aso Rock, the monolith looming over the presidential palace. On either side of the road there are complexes of bulky, imposing mansions, most of them unfinished.

Some had empty swimming pools; others had mock-Tudor timbering, but were windowless and often roofless.

Atta told me that 65% of the houses in these developments were uninhabited, put up only to launder Abuja’s dirty money.

Like the Millennium Tower, these grandiose schemes are ruins before they are completed, bleak monuments to a city built by kleptocratic politicians on stolen land.”


The article has received a lot of reactions online, most people criticizing the writer’s view while others join in, by giving their own impression of the country capital.

Read the full article : CLICK HERE

Do you agree with his view or not?



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