Abia State Man Sold His 14 Month Old Son for N300,000


The longer you’re alive, the more you hear weird and sad stories like this.

A middle-aged man who goes by the name, George Maduabuchi, in Abia State has been arrested for allegedly selling his 14-month-old son for N300,000. This is according to a report from Punch Newspaper.

The man has however denied the charges, claiming that he took his son to the herbalist for treatment. When asked to explain further she stated that “The herbalist gave me money and told me that he could not heal the baby. I therefore left the baby in the herbalist’s home.”

His wife however claims that Maduabuchi is guilty. According to her story, her husband took their son to the herbalist but came back with cash instead of the baby. “When I demanded explanations on the whereabouts of our son, he could not offer any convincing answer.”

The wife, who is also pregnant, said she raised the alarm, which attracted neighbours and the police who helped to arrest the husband


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