A Nigerian Artist Released These Controversial Paintings About Black Women And Twitter Is Reacting Fiercely


Nigerian Artist, Duro Arts, has released these paintings which let’s be honest are really offensive. The 2 paintings depict a black woman being served “social feed” like a dog, and the other painting a black women sucking “d**k shaped like luxury cars.

Though he’s been getting all kinds of reactions in his mentions, a lot of them negative, he’s remained steadfast and unapologetic about his paintings saying that He’d “die the day the day I apologize for my paintings”.

Why It’s Offensive

    • This is a classic case here of a single story being very dangerous. This might end up being his most popular painting. Is this a reality for a few black women? Yes. Is this the reality for the majority? No. The percentage of black women who will be depicted in this painting is pretty low. But what he has done with these painting is a take a huge brush and swipe it across the face of all black women, especially for those who will never see any other of his painting.s


  • This is a not a BLACK woman issue. The exact same can be said of the minority of women of all races in 2015. White, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Arab you name it. There all have the minority of women that fall into the category.



  • Men are the same. There are just as many men on social media posing with fake stuff, doing 419, rituals, and drugs for money and the fake social media lifestyle. Some even are hoe-ing also.



I can maybe understand from an artist’s point telling a story, but there should always be balance. To the majority of black women who are doing their thing the right way, and handling their business, and minding themselves where’s the painting for them. How about praising those ones as opposed to using the minority to paint the majority. I went through his portfolio and was hoping I’d see some paintings uplifting black women, or some more positive art in general but didn’t find much. It’s easy to point to some rapper that might have done songs about similar issues, but you know what there is; Balance. Nothing wrong with telling all stories, but make sure it’s all stories, and there’s balance.



We ask you though… What are your thought?

Do You Think These Paintings Are Offensive?

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