8 Die In Overnight Attacks Near Jos


At least eight persons were reported dead Monday morning as the cycle of nocturnal attacks continued in Jos and its surrounding areas

The Sunday night attacks took place in Farin Lamba in Riyom Local Government Area, and in Fan, Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, about 25 kilometres south of Jos.

The attackers were said to have used both guns and machetes. They killed eight people, including a woman and her daughter. Several others sustained injuries as they attempted to flee from their homes that were ambushed by the invaders.

The attacks on the two villages were the fifth in two weeks, with the death toll adding up to 34 within the period.

It has been rumored that some person of the Military Task Force might have been involved or turned a blind eye to these events. According to a survivor, some of the attackers were wearing bullet proof vests, similar to those worn by men of the military task force.

Partial Source: 234Next



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