Wahala Dey: Nigeria to buy 3 new presidential jets


Our country is a very interesting place. See article before from Business day … All I can see is Greed is deadly disease.

Nigeria’s cabinet on Wednesday approved the purchase of three new presidential jets, a day after government said it would have to issue bonds to fund elections due next January. President Goodluck Jonathan won cabinet approval to buy two Falcon 7X aircraft from France’s Dassault Aviation (AVMD.PA) and one Gulfstream (GIA.A) G550 from the U.S. planemaker for the presidential fleet at a cost of $150 million.

“After consideration, council approved the purchase,” Information Minister Dora Akunyili told reporters after a cabinet meeting in the capital Abuja, adding that the amount was provided for in the 2010 budget.

My first thought after reading this is what is the use for 3 more planes. These planes are not revenue generating so we are more or less throwing $150 million out of window so our beloved president can enjoy when people in his own village are suffering. Wahala dey my people … We need to have a revolution like that village next to us did. Just my two cents …. What do you think?

Source: Business Day Online


  1. Mcheewww! I'm really mad now. Am here struggling to make a living and they are throwing my tax money out the window?!? Somebody tear my hair out!

  2. @Reda, Nigerians don't pay enough tax for the govt to afford those planes, It's either from oil revenues or borrowed funds.

  3. @Reda, Nigerians don’t pay enough tax for the govt to afford those planes, It’s either from oil revenues or borrowed funds.

  4. Its a foolish lack of wisdom and insight shown by our leaders, yet again. Sometimes I wonder where exactly these guys are spawned.

    Why private jets? Are they important enough in the world scene to arrive in big style? Nigerian leaders truly over estimate their own importance.

    Imagine what N21 billion can do in starting up a Paramedic Scheme? Then perhaps more people in Nigeria could be saved from fatal accidents if our leaders had a modicum of sense…which they don't.


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