3 Russian Women Jailed For Twerking Near War Memorial


Three Russian women, Margarita Radetskaya (18), Yana Kutakova (24), and Yekaterina Scherbedinskaya (26) were sentenced to jail terms Saturday for twerking in front of a World War II memorial in the city of Novorossiysk. Margarita got a sentence of 15 days in jail, while Yana and Yekaterina each got 10 days in jail.

2 others Alla Korkach, 28, and Viktoria Yurieva, 22, received fines.

The 5 women seen in the video were charged with Hooliganism according to the Associated Press, in what prosecutors said was an “erotic and sexual twerk dane”.

Prosecutors in Novorossiysk also said they were pressing charges against the parents of one underage girl who was twerking with the others girls for “the failure to encourage the physical, intellectual, physiological, spiritual and moral development of a child.”

Wow! Who knew you could go to jail for twerking?

Here’s the video that caused all the trouble:



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