20 Igbos Killed in Mubi, Adamawa State By Boko Haram


About 20 people have been estimated killed by gunmen who targeted a town hall in Mubi in north-eastern Nigeria, police say.

Local residents say that those killed were from the Igbo community with about 10 of them from Adazi-Nnukwu, in Anambra state.

The local police chief said he believed Islamist group Boko Haram was behind the attack.

On Thursday, at least six people were reportedly shot dead at a church in Gombe, also in north-eastern Nigeria.

The Igbo residents attacked in Mubi had been meeting to organise how to transport the body of an Igbo man shot dead by gunmen on motorbikes on Thursday evening.

Image Source: BBC


  1. what is those fools still doing there, i wish i can say sorry idiots, come back home fools how many times will it happen to you, how many haussa people do you see in Igbo land fools

    • Joe thanks 4 yr contribution.It is easy said than done, now put yr self in there shoes or lets say u live in sokoto were u make living only 4 a person 2 wake up 1 morning saying"oga u must leave sokoto to were ever u come 4rm 4no just cus. u hv yr children, wealth though nothing compared 2 life and run away within a twinkle of an eye. try & c

  2. what is happening northen nigeria is very bad. why are they killing christians like chickens? my suggestion is this, let nigeria nation be divided.

  3. What kind of Religion or believe is this, that do not respect the dignity of human life, that do not want to see others happy & do not want to see others live in Peace? What kind of religiosity is this kind of godlessness seen terrorist act? Is this religion actually from God? Is Allah -God actually behind this heinious act of some sick-minded men? I think Moslem is a peaceful religion why then is some fanatic men in this Religion causing the world this deadly havoc? Well we continue to pray that God in His mercy will sanitize this world & a give us a heart to love one another as brothers & be able to forgive no matter how much we have morally & socially offeneded! People of the whole world created by One God -LOVE ONE ANOTHER PLEASE B4 U DESTROY ONE ANOTHER! Ange of Love -Portugal.

  4. for how long shall this continue for Christ’s sake? What is wrong with these northerners? My advice is this: it have happened, it have happened but OZOR-EMEZINA! But we cant just fold our hands and watch these fools torment us; atleast let’s plan on how to go back home. If all these are happening now, how will 2015 be..is not that we’re afraid but prevention is better than cure…BIKO NU!!!


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