13 Arrested In Connection With Killing Of 4 Uniport Students


The Chief of the Aluu community along with 12 others are said to have been arrested in connection with the mob killing of 4 students at the University of Port Harcourt. The pictures of the killings of Lloyd, Tekena, Ugonna and Chidiaka have gone viral over the past couple of days on the internet.

The video surfaced yesterday, and has since brought about an outrage from the Nigerian community.

There have been different stories that have surfaced about what the crime of the students were. Some say they stole, others said they were going to collect money from someone who owed them, and other have said that they were cult members going to make a hit on someone else.

Whatever the story is, it still doesn’t justify the barbaric nature of the killings and we certainly hope the murderers will be brought to justice.


  1. In that video there was this heartless guy that was very cruel, dat guy should be looked for and also be arrested. Everybody in dat area were d barbaric murder took place should all be reminded into prison for witnessing dat kinda thing and not call any of d security agency.. No matter d crime those guys must have committed, they still don’t deserve to die like tHat.. Hell is awaiting the souls of those murderer unless they ask God for forgiveness.. I cried after watching d video….. May God hav mercy on us. Amen

  2. They have died! How can we know †ђξ true story? Those behind †ђξ killings can say anything τ̲̅ȍ justify why †ђξ killed these young men. As far as I Å̶̷̩̥͡•̸Ϟ concerned these boys are innocent until proven guity ĩ̷̊ñ †ђξ court of law. We dont even know †ђξ difference between †ђξ Boko haram’s group αη∂ †ђξ Vigilante group of †ђξ Aluu community. They should be brought τ̲̅ȍ Justice. They should pay for damages αη∂ also sentence τ̲̅ȍ death too!


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