11 Nigerians On Death Row in Indonesia on Narcotic Convictions


Just less than a week after 4 Nigerians were executed on drug related charges, another reports has it that there are at least 11 Nigerians currently on death row in Indonesia for various drug-related offenses. This is according to a report by The Citizen Online. In addition to the 11 in Indonesia, there are a reported 120 on death row in China.

Nigerians being executed for drug related crimes in Asia is not a new trend, but has been on the increase over the past couple of years with many East Asian countries showing a 0 tolerance policy for drug smuggling.

Here are the names of the identified individuals said to be sentenced to death in Indonesia:

1. Obinna Nwajagu
2. Michael Titus Igwe
3. Hillary .K. Chimezie
4. Stephen Rasheed Akinyemi
5. Humphrey Ijike alias Doctor
6. Gap Nadi alias Papa
7. Eugene Ape alias Felixe
8. Ekfere Dike Ale Kamal alias Samuel
9. Seck Osmane/Cajetan Uchenna Onyenworo
10.Samuel Iwuchukwu Okoye
11. Hansen Anthony Nwaolisa



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