REVIEW: Simi’s “So Bad” is the perfect love tale and Joeboy’s effort made it a reality

Simi - SO BAD ft. JoeBoy
Simi - SO BAD ft. JoeBoy

After being an advocate for women, Simi takes us through the journey of another pensive effort alongside the super-talented Nigerian emo-hero Joeboy. She becomes the lover who describes her power over her man, indirectly referring to Adekunle Gold.

According to Simi, “He say he never ever got over me/even when he travel overseas – yea/Well I don’t mean to brag My vibe is attractive/He say he stay loving me globally/He wan hold me horizontally/Nobody like me,” as her verse on the record unravels a masterpiece related to Adekunle Gold’s current state. He frequently has to keep in touch with his beloved wife Simi, via video chats due to his travels and musical experiences around the world.

Adekunle Gold has been having the best time of his life; a wonderful time with J.Cole at a bar some time ago in America, where he had Simi connected with the rapper on the video call as they felt the love altogether. Simi proclaimed her love for the rapper as she was proud of her man and remained excited about the surprise.

Simi brings a listeners’ mind into the same picture, not fully but you have to find out yourself to understand all that it is. Adekunle Gold is whom she sings for. Meanwhile, Joeboy’s effort becomes a realistic and pensive introduction that ushers a listener to everything the theme and essence talk about as he expands with it.

In conclusion, “So Bad” is a clearly defined pop music where Simi is comfortable with the love she gets from her man. She sings to also let down her denigrators and share with them the knowledge of the worth her lover has for her. While words on the streets were that Adekunle Gold has been cheating on his wife behind closed doors, they are words and actions framed by envious folks who tend to tear their love asunder. It is so bad.


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