As Unemployment and Inflation takes a toll, More Nigerians are Seeking ways to Market their Skills and Skill Search NG might have an Answer!


It is no news that Nigerians are some of the most skilled people on Planet earth. We are innovative as we are independent and it is said with plenty emphasis that we as a people are built to survive anywhere we find ourselves. ‘Nigerians’ dominate wherever they are’ is a phrase you are sure to hear quite often and I find that a huge compliment.

Now in more recent times as Inflation and Unemployment take a toll on us well meaning Nigerians, more and more people are looking for convenient ways to make more money legally. The easiest way of course is to determine what you love, determine what your talents are and offer yourself in service to those who are seeking you. And there are a lot of people looking for your skills, except ‘How can they find you?”

skillsearch Nigeria

It is not enough to promote yourself on Instagram or every other social network out there. And you might not have the resources for media advertising. So what is a Carpenter, Tailor, Hair stylist, Makeup artist, Plumber, Writer, Model, and so many other self employed skilled people to do? this is where comes in.

Skill Search NG is a free platform designed to promote people with skills in Nigeria. You simply register to create a profile and show the world what you can do. You can also find jobs on the platform posted by other members. also allows you to register and post a skilled job and the best hands quote for those jobs giving you an estimated budget and timeline for delivery. This makes it easier to track and accept people you’re comfortable working with.

This is not just a platform for business people, and it’s also not a business directory. It’s real people with real skills getting jobs done efficiently. 

It’s a very simple platform to use and can help put some extra money in your pocket.

Sign up now, It’s Free!


  1. Just in time.this is a good start to the weekend. i sell weavon, does this count as a skill or do i need to be a hairstlist to sign up


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