EP. 6: The ‘Regional War’ Between M.I and Vector Fans, Headies Nominations, BBNaija, and more

The Northorious Podcast

On the latest episode of the Northorious Podcast, Ruffee, Abdul and Razaq take a look at some recent trending topics including the just concluded BBNaija, the ongoing feud between two Nigerian rap heavyweights, M.I Abaga and Vector, and the controversial Headies Nominees’ list.

On the heated MI/Vector beef – While widespread reactions have trailed the rift between both rappers, the Northorious Podcast looks into the subtle tribal wars started by both rap heads and other unfolding issues.

On BBNaija – They were joined by Krissy Makut, a broadcaster who shared her thoughts on why Mike should have taken how the prize money.

On Headies – They pointed out some loopholes in the list and praised The Headies for getting it right in the rap categories.

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About The Northorious Podcast

The Northorious podcast was created by some innovative minds from Northern Nigeria with the sole aim of showcasing the region’s talent – of the best that is said and thought to use Matthew Arnold’s words; demystifying stereotypical notions and misconceptions held about the region and its people, as well as reasserting what has been left out of mainstream discourses. In a sentence, it is meant to put the region on the radar of both contemporary pulse and thought.

Though some of its key founders are not indigenous to the region, they have spent their whole lives experiencing its socioeconomic and political upheavals and have gained credible experiences to lend a voice to its transcending realities. 

One of the cardinal projections of the podcast is to disambiguate the misconstrued notions portrayed about the region and its people. It is from this perspective that views, opinions, findings across disciplines including, but not restricted to music, sports, politics, fashion/ entertainment and lifestyle will be expatiated and shared with new and varied insights. 
It is believed that by so doing; a positive consciousness will be stimulated about the region and Nigerians from other regions and people across the globe will come to celebrate the sociopolitical and ethno-religious pluralism of the North as a binding force for achieving rainbow unity and progress, not as an appendage for crisis or apocalyptic violence. 


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